Friday, September 29, 2006

Work stress for DH

Matt was in a foul mood last night, and he explained that his boss was giving him a hard time for missing four weeks of work. He said no one had ever missed more than three days of work at a time, which is why they didn't know the leave procedure. I find that really hard to believe. And the boss said that when his wife is sick, he doesn't stay home with her. Did your wife ever think she had hepatitis A? The doctor specifically said that if I started running a fever, I had to go to the hospital. I am much more important to my husband than his job. And apparently when other people are sick, they still go to work. Great, they're spreading their germs to everyone else at work. It just gets me so mad that this boss thinks work is more important than someone's health. Matt wasn't faking. He went to the doctor at least three times. He had an ear infection, was dizzy, and was taking medication that knocks you out--how can he drive a car, much less get any work done? Grrrr.

So now I'm stressed out too.

Stitching: I'm working on The Awakening. I was going to work on my Lizzie Kate acorn scissor case, but it lists Weeks Dye Works threads, which I really like. Of course I don't have all the colors it takes. I hope to go to Ginger's Saturday, so maybe I can get them then. I've been finishing smalls so furiously that it's hard to switch to a bigger project until I get them all done. I still have these left to do:

Army Hummer (Love Quilts)
TW Futurecast
Porcelain Nosegay (waiting for fabric)
Siamese Cat
Gray Cat
7 ornaments to finish
Lizzie Kate acorn scissor case

Blog stuff: I got all my blog entries moved over. Whew!

Kitties: The kitties went to the vet yesterday. Hathor's still sluggish from her rabies shot. I hate seeing her like that, even though I know it's nothing serious. And Anubis hasn't lost any weight. We're going to have to cut back on his food even more. He's going to love that.

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