Thursday, September 28, 2006

Page 15 of the Awakening


Saturday Matt had the guys over so they could play Unreal Tournament all day. And I mean all day--8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. I ran out of small projects (Stitching Bits and Bobs is not speedy sometimes), so I decided to try to finish the current page of the Awakening. I finished it today, but it took longer than I thought it would.

So I should get some fabric and stuff for my Just Nans soon. Plus my silk gauze kit from eBay and my round robin fabric from Ginger's. The HAED BB is having a stitching contest from the 14th to 20th, so I figure I'll work on The Awakening then. I'll play computer games this coming week so I can then spend the following week stitching. I probably won't win, but I might as well try.

DVDs: I was watching the first season of Farscape again, and two episodes are pixellated and unwatchable. ARGH! I'll have to try the discs on another DVD player so I can see what's to blame. I rather hope it's the DVDs. Those I can replace, though at a cost.

House: I got an email from a subdivision we'd like to live in, but the houses there are $450k and up. I wonder if we could just get a small house built on the land out there. It would probably still be out of our price range. With our current house's value the same or less than we paid for it, we're not going to get much out of any sale we make. That's what I get for using the proceeds from my last house sale to pay off some credit cards.

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