Thursday, September 28, 2006

Silk gauze...mmmmmm...


Someone posted about silk gauze kits at Crossed Wing Collection. I'm highly tempted. I just love the chickadees, especially Chickadee in Flight. But do I want to have more WIPs? No! I want to finish what I've started. But they're so cute. And the idea of even tinier stitching just intrigues me, not to mention the thought of fondling silk. I've asked to see if people know of other silk gauze kits...maybe I'll find something even better. I'll hold off buying anything to see if this urge persists.

I also started organizing my threads for Eternal Promise. I felt like doing something a little different while Matt was setting up his computer with new hardware. I have floss all over the place. All the more reason to finish the WIPs I already have!

Found other places:
Threads Through Time
Heart's Content
Micro-Stitchery (Dollhouse Items)
Vintage Designs

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