Thursday, September 28, 2006

My WIPs list


I have so many things going right now that I figure it's good to list them. I keep an Excel spreadsheet, but this way I can do links and such so they look nice. I'm going to try a rotation on my WIPs and hold off on the new starts (at least as long as I can!).

HAED The Awakening (my focus)
Magnificent Wizard (bleh)
TW Angel Procession (bleh, it's been around for ages)
Maggie the Messmaker (bleh)
Army Hummer (Love Quilts charity piece)
HAED RR (all done!)
Just Nan RR (doing the 12 Days of Christmas, waiting for fabric)

These are ones I want to start soon:
Siamese Cat and Gray Cat (silk gauze)
Just Nans: Witch Way, Honeysuckle Rose, Flower Girls, Porcelain Nosegay
Dragon Guard (for a friend)
TW Futurecast (to match one I did, beads on order)

Kitten: Hathor's belly is looking better.

Matt: He went back to work today, poor baby.

New job: I should hear whether I got it or not this week. I'm sorta hoping I don't get it. They probably won't offer me enough money anyway.

Diet: I was bad this weekend and had pizza and Taco Bell. I did lose 7 pounds, but that could be water from being off my period. I'm doing Slim Fast shakes again, so we'll see.

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