Thursday, September 28, 2006

Halloween poem


I had an idea...dangerous, I know. I'm thinking about designing a Halloween sampler. So...I looked for a good Halloween poem and couldn't find anything even close. Therefore, I had to write one. I don't know how good it is, probably not very, but here it is. If anyone can help improve it, let me know!

Poor Jack

A man named Jack, sore tempted was he.
He tricked the Devil straight up a tree.
Took a knife to the tree and carved out a cross,
And made the Devil promise never to toss
Him into the pit. But soon we all die,
And oh! his soul from body did fly.
But Heaven said no, not pious was he,
Nor did hell want him, too clever he be!
One ember the Devil gave him to light his way.
Poor Jack o' the lantern wanders ever today.

Copyright by me, that is to say, it is mine and belongs to me. (Yes, I've been watching Monty Python.)

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