Thursday, September 28, 2006

My first biscornu!


Annette posted instructions on how to make a biscornu, so I figured I'd give it a try. What else am I going to do with these smalls? I have enough big pieces I still haven't framed. I'm also going to get the Jeannette Douglas My Stitching Treasures box for Christmas (I hope), so I'll have a place to put these.

This was quick and easy. I think a square piece would have looked better, but this looks acceptable. I placed my initials and date on the bottom (MB06), one letter or number on each corner.

I have Jump for Joy that I could also make into a biscornu, but I need to decide how much I like the biscornu format first.

Otherwise, I've been stitching on The Awakening. I hope to finish the page this weekend, but we've been playing computer games more than usual lately.

Time waster: Suzemo posted this very cool M&Ms game just in time for Halloween: I got 28, but it took me a while. (I hate horror movies because I can't stand the gore. Science fiction movies I love.)


Anonymous said...

Hi there!!

I found you ... somehow. :o)

I love it! I've been thinking of doing one of these, but what exactly do you do with these little hummers?

Arthemise said...

Right now it's just sitting on my sewing table. :-)