Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cleaned out the stitching room


My stitching room wasn't too bad, but with the potential move in the spring, I thought it was best to tackle it now. I bought some mesh bags for my WIPs, and picked up some things that were just dragging. I also straightened out the bins that I keep my fabric and such in. I found stuff I didn't know I had! I also organized my cross stitch fabric in large Ziploc bags--one for linen, one for evenweave, and one for aida. I don't keep a lot of that stuff around; it's mostly leftovers. But at least now it will be easy to determine if I have the fabric for a new project. So I think my closet would be worthy of packing up if I needed to. I still have photos, my work portfolio, and some odds and ends to sort out. Not looking forward to that. Still, I feel pretty good about having cleaned up and getting a handle on what I have.

I stopped by Ginger's after my job interview this morning (ugh, I always feel so stupid at those things--and fat). I picked up some fabric and the 12 Days of Christmas leaflet for my Just Nan RR. The fabric for that's on order, so I hope I get it in time. I may need to pick up some specialty items for it too.

I have the fabric for my Love Quilts army Hummer (joy) and some black evenweave for a dragon I promised so long ago to a friend at work. Oh, and the fabric for Porcelain Nosegay. I didn't find the buttons I was looking for for an ornament finish, darn it, or Christmas fabric. I'm getting the urge to do ornament finishes, and that's rare!

Jeannie-Marie gave me the chart to Fenech's Beauty and the Beasts, the full piece to the quick stitch I finished. That was so sweet of her! She said it was for my help with setting up the stitcher's showcase, but I loved doing it. It must be the organizer in me.

Matt's still home sick with his ear infection, poor thing.

Kitten: Hathor got her stitches out today. Apparently she was pulling on them, and that made them bleed a bit. It's pooched out some, which the vet said was layers of skin underneath healing. I gave her the last of her pain meds today.

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