Thursday, September 28, 2006

Frost Flower HD


I finished this one in a day. I really enjoyed it. I tried some HAED stitching tonight, but I need a break.

I ordered Flower Girls (a limited edition that's already sold out), Witch Way (a Halloween piece I've had my eye on for a while), a needle holder, and a mesh project bag. I feel guilty for spending money, but I want it!

Kitten: We picked up the new kitten from my friend Dolores. She's an orange tabby and very friendly and playful. She purrs like crazy and keeps kneading everything. I need to take some pics. Anubis and she are hissing at each other, but I think they'll get over it. She instigates some of it, I think mostly because he's been snotty to her. She's taken a few swipes at him too. So far I like the name Hathor, though Matt says we're still deciding.

Fence: We finished putting the fence back up today (kind of crooked, though). It was 102 degrees, and I just can't take the heat. Bleh!

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