Thursday, September 28, 2006

Argh, no cable


We got our cable back after almost two days. Apparently Matt hit it with the weed eater.

I finished another page on The Awakening, and that completes the second row of pages. Woohoo! So much more to go.

Osiris went to the vet yesterday. Apparently he's only 8-9 weeks old and pretty undernourished. Today he ate several times, 2-3 pieces each time. He's also had trouble using the litterbox. I put him in the box--nothing. Then he goes sniff behind the desk, I put him in the box, and he eventually uses it. (I think I just scared him when I yelled at him for starting to pee behind the desk.) Very weird. I was pretty upset to hear that he might have given Anubis a disease. I'll just have to watch both cats closely.

I've been depressed the last few days. I attribute this to the stress of the kitten and the basketball players in the circle. Also, I've decided that I just don't like working at home. I'm going to start applying for jobs in Austin. I have my references now. I just need to scan some of my samples. If I'm going to apply for jobs, I also need to lose weight. I'm so self-conscious interviewing while I look so bad, and I know some people may be prejudiced against fat people, conscious or not. So, course of action: lose weight, get a job in Austin, get a house in Austin. Maybe that will make me happy. Maybe.

I started exercising this week, walking on the treadmill for 10 minutes each morning. It's not much, but it tires me out. I'll increase the time each week, I think.

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