Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hepatitis A scare


Sunday night I threw up and had a really bad pain just under my heart. I couldn't get comfortable and spent most of the night dozing. I assumed it was my hiatal hernia, so I decided to wait and go to the doctor. Matt and the doctor thought it was a gall bladder attack, so I went for blood work and an ultrasound.

It wasn't the gall bladder, so the doctor thought hepatitis A. Boy was I grossed out! The transmission is fecal to oral, and I was mad at someone. I took another blood test, however, and that ruled out hepatitis A. The doc said maybe a virus that attacked my liver. Like Matt says, when they don't know what's wrong with you, it's a virus.

My liver levels are approaching normal, which is a good thing. I'm going to go back to work tomorrow. I have very slight nausea, but the big thing is that I'm just so tired. I have an appointment with a liver specialist next week. Another blood test tomorrow.

Matt's been home taking care of me. Since we don't know what it could be, it's best to have someone watch me for fever or something serious. And he wants to stay home. :)

Stitching: I finished another page of The Awakening today (page 17). I didn't win the stitching competition (missed by about 500 stitches), but then I don't like feeling trapped into stitching. I 'm apparently not the only one.

I also ordered the other two silk gauze cat kits. That's my reward for slogging through this illness.

My order still hasn't shipped from the online store. No more orders from them, ever!

Job search: I have a phone interview tomorrow. Ack, butterflies! Oh well, no biggie either way.

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