Thursday, September 28, 2006

Having a rotten time right now


Life sucks at the moment. So many little things are piling up that they're getting us down. First, the president of the homeowner's association is having it out with Matt, who is the vice president. The guy's completely incompetent, yet he faults Matt for not doing anything for National Night Out, which isn't even a function of the HMA! The guy has decided that he's the architecture committee, even though by law it has to be made up of three people. He's allowed swimming pools to go in, which are forbidden. He's considering allowing solar panels, which are also restricted. He said in the newsletter that there's no grass height restriction, even though if you read the deed restriction, it says 6 inches. Is he going to print a retraction? No way. I don't think he's even read the deed restriction. He's not too bright. Update: Matt resigned from the HMA board. I hate giving in to bad behavior, but it's probably the best thing. He's never going to change things with the idiot around, and it's too much stress. He did get to send in a scathing email with his resignation.

Anubis had to go to the vet again today. His eye is red and pusy, and the vet said it could be a form of herpes, which is incurable. We have to give him eye drops. Plus, they apparently mis-weighed him last time, so he hasn't lost any weight. We have to start monitoring how much he eats.

I also want to move and can't because we have to pay off credit card bills and work on the house a little. Maybe in the spring. I applied for a job and took the writing test, so now I'm waiting. I hate this part.

Matt's mom is in the hospital, and I think it's just a matter of time. She's so sick and in pain.

So generally I'm just blah right now.

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