Thursday, September 28, 2006

Argh--What a weekend


This weekend is the double XP event for City of Heroes and City of Villains. So of course we got all our chores out of the way and planned to play all weekend. Yeah, right! First Matt's computer dies. We have another he can play on, but it's not the same. We're also having to spend over $1,000 for an upgrade for his computer.

Then I go to a drive-thru, and my window won't go back up. So we take it in to the dealership Saturday and have to spend $650 or so to fix the window and the AC, which had a short. We still need to bring it someplace to get a new radio and back speakers, and the air bag light of course didn't go out while the car was in the shop. Plus there's the drive back home to pick up the car Tuesday morning. Not looking forward to driving in Austin.

Then yesterday we had a storm with really high winds that knocked down two sections of fence and tore another partly loose. We fixed the loose section, and now Matt is out there trying to dig out the concrete from the post. I gave up a while ago. We'll have to replace the soil, dig a new hole, pour concrete, and put the fence back up. Not all today, of course. Can I scream now?

Gaming: We did get our main villains up to 33. My fly trap is a bit disappointing. A lot of fights, it just sits there and does nothing. We also played with Twister, and Loup is up to 39. She took two nosedives yesterday rather unexpectedly. Oh well, knocked out the debt quickly.

Stitching: I did get a little stitching done this weekend. I won't finish the next page on The Awakening this weekend, but I will sometime this week. I hope. I also need to finish the bubbles on my Love Quilts piece. It shouldn't take long, but I'm just not in the mood. I may not start another HAED like I had planned. I keep waiting to get bored with The Awakening, but it hasn't happened yet. Very unusual for me. I wonder why.

Kitten: I may pick up the kitten this coming week or the weekend. It depends on when I need to go in to work, I guess. I really want a Maine coon cat, but we've committed to this one, and Matt really wants a kitten. I hope this one works out. Blue eyes, white longish fur...sounds beautiful, even if it's not a coon.

DVDs: I bought the whole series of The Vicar of Dibley (Brit com). It's very funny, and I usually miss it on Saturday nights. This way I have something to watch while I'm stitching. Not sure if Matt will like it. Ack, I just remembered I forgot to buy Nanny McPhee. Darn it!

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