Thursday, September 28, 2006

A hard decision about Osiris


The past two weeks have been really tough. Matt and I finally came to the decision that Osiris was not right for us. Osiris insisted on doing his business on the carpet in whatever dark corner he could find. He required constant supervision. He had no personality, he didn't play, and all he wanted was to eat and be in your lap. The vet said he had been malnourished and taken from mom too soon. He might never develop into a normal cat. Matt really didn't believe he'd be anything more than a problem, so it wouldn't get better. I had to agree, though it tore me up. Matt brought Osiris back to Petsmart Sunday; I just couldn't bear to go with him. Honorina, the rescue lady, said they would work with him and find him a home. I really hope they do. As patient as we are, we couldn't deal with him. I feel so bad because I made a commitment to that kitten I couldn't keep. I'm relieved not to have him around, and that's really sad. Like Matt said, he'd come home from work and dread seeing the kitten. That's just not right.

Since Anubis seems to have contracted something from the kitten, we're going to wait two weeks to get a new kitten. I'm just impatient, though I know he's right. I want our family to get back to normal, and I'm looking forward to a kitten that acts like a kitten. But Osiris took such effort that I know we do need a break.

I have a vet appointment for Anubis. They mentioned feline leukemia and AIDS, which he wasn't vaccinated for because he's an inside cat. Now I'm worried. Had they given me the choice, I'd have said vaccinate him for everything. Argh! If anything happens to Anubis, I will be so upset. He's the only baby we have left. We have Lufy, but cats are just near and dear to me. I don't have that same bond with a dog, though I do love her.

Such a depressing few weeks. I'm stressing about the cat situation, but thankfully the basketball at night has stopped. I guess I won't be back to normal until Anubis gets a clean bill of health and we get a new kitten settled in.

Stitching: I finished another page on The Awakening, the first of the third row. Next weekend we'll be playing CoV/CoH since it's going to be double XP. No stitching for me! That also means getting the chores done during the week. Get to it!

Diet: I've been eating healthy, but I've been snacking too much. Not surprisingly, I haven't lost weight. We did exercise every weekday last week, which I'm very proud of. I didn't exercise today because of tummy troubles, but I will get it done sometime today.

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