Thursday, September 28, 2006

Started my HAED round robin piece


I'm doing a round robin with a few other ladies from the HAED board. My piece will be Selina Fenech's angels and mermaids. I'm not fond of the fairies, so I figured it was OK to leave them out. I needed a change from The Awakening for a bit, so I decided this needed some time. The first mailout is in November, and that will be here before you know it.

I outlined 3.5 of the top squares in black, going for the nouveau look. I couldn't stand to wait any longer, so I started working on my Angel of Love. She's mostly random stitches right now. I think she'll look good in a little while. So many strange pinks!

I decided for the signature blocks, I want to do the name of the piece, like "love" for mine, with the person's first name under it. Only problem is that "compassion" won't quite fit. Argh.

My silk gauze kits of the two other cats came in. That was super fast delivery from the eBay seller! I also managed to get Wolk's Metamorphosis in a trade. Woohoo! I've loved that one for a while and was really sad to have missed it. Someone else has already stitched a good bit of it. That's less fun if I stitch it too, but it's still a great piece.

Kitten: Hathor went into heat Saturday. Ugh. She wasn't nearly as bad today, and she gets fixed Tuesday. Anubis beats her up when she tackles him, and of course she has to squeal.

Sick: I'm feeling better, other than being tired. Matt's feeling bad now, which is not good news. I go for more blood tests Monday, and he'll probably get some too.

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