Thursday, September 28, 2006

The new kitten


Matt's named him Osiris, continuing on the Egyptian gods theme. He's lying on my neck as I type. I have never seen a kitten this affectionate/needy. He wants to be held and petted all the time. Phew, and he farts. If I put him down, he starts crying. He cried for two hours straight today when I put him in the bathroom. It gave me a splitting headache. He's worse than an infant!

We brought him home Tuesday from Petsmart. The name on his papers is Joey Riffle. It's really freaky because Horus was named Joey West; I checked. Maybe this is the kitten we're supposed to have, as annoying as he is.

He also peed in Anubis' kitty bed this morning. I'm guessing he just didn't know where to go or he didn't want to go back in the dreaded bathroom.

He's not eating much. Matt's supposed to get him some Science Diet today.

Anubis is getting used to him. He's not thrilled, but he's mostly stopped hissing. He'll sniff the kitten and let the kitten prance around him a little. He's also eating the kitten's food.

So I'm stressed about the kitten, and I'm stressed about the neighbors. Damn kids were playing basketball in the circle at 11 last night. I can hear the sound in my bedroom over the AC and over the floor fan. I asked them to stop, and one smart ass said they were just trying to have fun. Well, I'm trying to sleep so I can work tomorrow, genius. No one in your family may work, but we sure do. I then called the cops because they wouldn't stop. Who knows if the cops showed up or if the kids were even still there. Matt said he thought he saw a white car. At one point there were 10 kids in the circle. My parents would NEVER allow me out at night. Apparently these kids' parents don't care. They're pre-teens, I think, and too young to be out that late. I really hate this low-class neighborhood. That's not being snobbish--they really just don't care about anything. Given a few years, this neighborhood will look like crap.

I applied for a job at UT, but I need to send in my resume, etc. I hate going to interviews, fat as I am. But I'll give it a shot. I might have to take a pay cut, but then we can move into Austin and I can work in an office again. Will I like it? Can it be better than what I'm doing now? I don't know, but I do know I'm not satisfied with my job as it is.

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