Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Winter Stitches progress

I finished the borders on Winter Stitches by Jeannette Douglas. The piece is on 40-count R&R Reproductions fabric and is only 3.25 inches square. I'm kind of stitching on this and The Awakening as the mood grabs me.

Alas, my stand broke yesterday. I had mentioned black powder coming from my old magnifier, remember? Now I'm not so sure. The screw that adjusts my swing arm wasn't working, so I unscrewed it. Black powder came pouring out. The wingnut's insides are made of copper and apparently have corroded. So I got black powder all over The Awakening but not on the stitched part that I can tell. A washing might get it out, maybe. You can imagine that I'm not happy that this happened to the piece I've been working on for over a year and a half. So I'm using an old stand and need to order a replacement part for my Gripit stand. I'm just wondering if I want to get yet another piece that will eventually corrode.

The fabric and other items for my Halloween exchange have shipped! I'm very excited to stitch on this stuff. I can't wait to buy some goodies too.

Gripe: A friend came over the other day and told us that someone had stolen his work laptop. While he was sitting in a Wendy's and using it. A woman came it, grabbed the laptop from under his fingers, and ran out and got into a waiting car. The friend is very large and couldn't run after her, but some other people did. I am just livid at this. It makes me want to hurt this thief very badly. How nervy and cowardly to take something away from someone you know can't fight back.


Anonymous said...

Pretty border color :)

I can't believe someone stole his laptop while he was using it!! Ack!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the colour of the thread :)

cathymk said...

What a lovely start to Winter stitches - very pretty indeed. So sorry to hear your stand is giving you trouble, I hope the "dust" will come off The Awakening - it's too beautiful and so close to a finish to suffer that indignity!

Anonymous said...

The threads on the inside of that nut were brass, not copper. By itself that's not necessarily a bad thing, but the screw is steel. You just don't mix metals like that. I'm hoping that you can get the next one with steel threads so that this won't happen again. Besides, brass is way too soft a metal for something that's going to be repeatedly loosened and tightened as often as that piece.

mainely stitching said...

This project is amazing! Those colors just make me drool!

I am very sorry for your friend's loss of a laptop. That is indeed a very cowardly thing to do (as if thieving weren't bad enough!).

Michelle said...

Winter Stitches looks beautiful! I do hope that you can clean up Awakening with no trouble - so is gorgeous. Glad none of the "dust" got on the stitching.