Monday, October 30, 2006

Siamese cat HD

Here's the second silk gauze kit I've done. The first was a black-and-white cat. I used a black background so the stitching will show up, but I'll probably use a different backing when I frame it.

I think I've gotten the hang of working with the silk gauze, so it didn't take very long to do. I started it yesterday and finished it on my lunch hour today. I still have a third cat to do, a grey one.

I'm probably going to work on an ornament for an exchange on the Needle and Thread BB, but of course I can't talk about that one. :-) I really do want to get back to working on The Awakening.

I think I'm going to ask for my two HAED quick stitches to be framed for my birthday. Of course, it won't be a surprise, but it's what I really want. I have so many unframed pieces right now, waiting for Matt and me to frame them (got the tools, wood, etc. to do it).

Matt went back to work today after his mom's passing. Poor guy.

Comments wacky again

Argh, the comments option is gone again. So many thanks to Outi for pointing that out. I've changed the settings back again; let's hope it sticks this time.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dragon Soul QS HD

I finished it up this morning. She's full of glitter, which means stitching with blending filament, which isn't so nice. My website has a pic of the glitter (taken with my digital camera), a larger pic, and the specs. I'm pretty happy with her. I had to frog a few times, which always worries me (what else did I screw up and not catch?).

This makes two HAED quick stitches I've finished. Time for a new blinkie in my sig!

We watched all the Harry Potters Friday and Saturday, and then watched Das Boot last night, so I had lots of stitching time.

The search for office chairs: Matt heard an ominous crunching coming from his secondhand office chair the other day. It looks like the back is about to fall off. So, we went to Office Max in Austin yesterday. We didn't like any of the chairs, and all they had were the cheap ones anyway. In order to be positioned correctly (my forearms level when I type), I need a chair that's very low to the ground, so that makes it even harder to find the right chair for me. Sigh. I'll try to figure out where they get the ones at work. I didn't really want to spend $1200 right now, but if it means finally getting comfortable chairs, I'll do it. We spend a great deal of time in front of the computer, so it's worth it.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Birthday club

I signed up for a birthday club exchange. I read about it on Becky's blog. I love giving gifts, so this should be fun!

I also received my silk floss I ordered to do an ornament from the JCS 2006 magazine. With it was a Halloween freebie by Lavender Wings that I just might have to do!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dragon Soul QS update

I finished her cheek and ear today while watching Indiana Jones. As always, click on the pic to see a better image. It's over one on 28-count antique white Jobelan and is designed by Heaven and Earth Designs.

I pulled out my Kreinik silk gauze kit of a Siamese cat and started organizing. I'll probably put a few stitches in here and there.

I'm going back to work tomorrow. Matt's still taking his mom's death pretty hard, so he'll probably be out the rest of the week. At least I work at home so I'll be with him.

Gaming: We played City of Heroes some more today, trick-or-treating with some of our villain alts.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Dragon Soul QS update

I finished the bottom left partial page today, so I'm now more than halfway done. The dragon is all done. He looks like a sweet little guy. Now I get to work on the woman's face some more, which I'm looking forward to.

This piece has a lot of sparkle. I'm afraid I've been using my good Ginghers to cut the metallic blending filament (even though I know I'm not supposed to). I definitely notice that they're not as sharp. I've had a few times where they haven't cut, just chewed a bit. Ugh, bad stitcher! I may have to get Matt to try sharpening them for me. Or I can buy a pair of Dovos and treat them right this time.

I also joined the Chatelaine Roses and Butterflies quilt. It looks like a lot of fun, and I of course love both roses and butterflies.

We're taking today off work as bereavement time for Matt's mom. I probably won't go back to work until Wednesday or Thursday. And of course we're eating junk food like crazy.

(Yes, yet another post. I've been double posting a lot lately with all the smalls finishes.)

Acorn Scissor Case HD

What's the difference between a scissor fob and a cat toy? Apparently not much because Hathor really wants that acorn fob (the squooshed-looking thing).

I don't like things dangling from my scissors, so the acorn will stay with the case. I don't know if I'll use the case, but it was just too cute to pass up. It's my first Lizzie Kate.

The stitching was problemmatic because the linen banding is attached to the case. I managed to not use knots, but it wasn't easy. I hope nothing comes loose.

Also, the instructions said to center the design, and the pattern had arrows to mark the center. Unfortunately, they mark the center of the pumpkin, not the whole pattern (the word "Autumn" is a separate over-one chart). Ugh. I should have looked at the picture rather than trusting the instructions.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Together at Christmas HD

Here is my latest ornament finish, Together at Christmas by Designs by Margret Lee. It's from the 2004 JCS ornament issue. Making the trim was a challenge. I sewed it on the machine. It doesn't look just like the magazine one (since no instructions were given), but I'm satisfied with it.
I just have one ornament left to finish, and it entails making a tuck pillow (blech). I will probably wait a while on that one.

I finished the first complete page of Dragon Soul QS. I'll take a new picture once I finish the bottom left partial page.

I haven't touched TrickORTreat in a while. Eventually...

Gaming: City of Heroes is having a Halloween event where you trick or treat at the mission doors. You can get a new costume slot on your character if you gather four costume pieces. So we've been busy doing that on our multitude of characters.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Goodbye, Mom Betty

Matt's mom passed away Friday. He was visiting her on his lunch hour, and she quietly stopped breathing. She's been sick for so long that I feel she's in a better place. Matt was prepared for it, but he's taking it hard, like anyone who lost a mother would.

I thought we'd be traveling to Ohio for the funeral, but they're going to do a memorial in a couple of weeks here and then an interment of her ashes in Ohio in a couple of months. Cajuns/Catholics tend to bury people quickly, so I'm out of my depths here.

So I'll take a few days off work to keep Matt company and help him over the grief. As with most of our grief, we've been fine at times and then crying at others. We have to continue with our lives, but it's just such an odd juxtaposition.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Merry Christmas Bellpull Ornament HD

Yes, this makes TWO ornaments I finished today (before work, lunch break, and after work)! I had ordered the brass bellpull hardware, and it's pretty heavy. If this one falls off the tree, look out below! It's Merry Christmas Bellpull Ornament by the Sweetheart Tree from the 2004 JCS ornament magazine. I have a closeup on my website.

Only two ornaments left to finish!

I still haven't figured out what the Alpaca floss is for, but I did find a cute bunny I could stitch with it.

Matt's going to visit his mom after work today. I don't really want to see her that way.

Joy HD

I finished up this ornament today. It's Joy by Erica Michaels Designs and is from the 2004 JCS ornament magazine. I almost thought I had made the pillow too small for the cross stitching. My sewing machine is running just fine once again.

Since my bellpull hardware came in, I need to work on putting that ornament together now.

My mom sent me some machine-embroidered towels. I wonder if she got a new sewing machine! I'd show pictures of them, but they have our last names on them (yes, Matt and I have different last names). Hathor promptly made herself comfortable on them.

I must be senile

So I got some of my Weeks Dye Works floss in from Nordic Needle. And I ordered some Alpaca wool by Rainbow Gallery. I remember ordering it. I remember looking at the chart and getting the numbers. But I can't remember which piece it was for! I have gone through every pattern in my stash, and I just can't find what I bought this expensive floss for. It is really annoying me. I either want to punch something or sit down and cry. I'll do neither. I'll just have some chocolate.

Did I mention I'm only 36?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dragon Soul QS update

Here's where I am with the piece. I tried putting together TrickORTreat (by Just Nan), but I'm having difficulties. I figured I'd work on Dragon Soul for a while.

I'm on meds for the pinched nerve (sciatica). Also, Matt's mom isn't doing well. Her caregivers have said she has about a week to live. Such a rotten week, and it's only Tuesday.

Goodbye, Karma

My mom called today to let me know my dog Karma passed away. My mom was closing the gate to the backyard, Karma saw a cat, and she was off. My mom followed her in her truck, but Karma was off and running. A guy in a truck hit Karma since it was dark (6:15 in the morning). My mom said Karma's back legs were broken, and bone was poking through. Mom took her to the vet, who said they could try to fix her up, but the damage was massive. I'd spend the $3,000-4,000 it would take, but she just wouldn't ever be right again. Karma was an active dog, and I don't think that would have been a good life for her. My mom did the right thing.

This is a picture of Karma when we first got her. She was such a sweet dog. She'd never hurt a person. You could take the food away from her, and she'd never even growl. My mom was taking care of her for me because she was very aggressive to other animals (she killed a cat that got in our backyard once). She had ripped up Lufy, my dog who is much bigger than her (75 pounds vs. 55 pounds), which is why we couldn't keep her anymore. My mom was so kind to take her in, and I'm sorry she had to go through all of this.

My poor Karma girl. She's waiting for me at the bridge, and I know I'll see her one day. Now she runs free in Heaven away from this painful life. Goodbye, Karma dog.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

TrickORTreat stitching complete

Here's the second side panel, which completes the cross stitching on the piece. I still have to put it together, which is fairly involved.

I didn't have time to work on anything else this weekend. After taking the anti-nausea pill last night, I slept all morning and felt groggy all afternoon. I'm just starting to feel normal again. The hip pain is somewhat better, but I may go to the doctor tomorrow. Joy.

Doctor Who: We watched the new Doctor Who Friday night. Anthony Stewart Head had a small part (he played Giles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Spoiler alert... Whom I was really excited to see was Sarah Jane Smith, the doctor's old companion! I watched her when I was in high school and was disappointed when she was just dumped. The episode explained things, and I was almost crying. The Doctor seems to be much more loving and even sexual than back in the old days. Then he was completely platonic to everyone, despite our adolescent thoughts otherwise. Sigh. Tom Baker. Sigh.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Potpourri completed

Since I received the beads today, I finished Potpourri by Just Nan. This is my contribution to Michelle's (artbuff) round robin. I ordered the charm from Welcome Stitchery in Illinois. They were prompt and even reduced my shipping slightly since I just had the one little charm.

TrickORTreat side panel

I managed to finish one side panel today, leaving one left to do.

I received my package from Ginger's today--they mailed it yesterday! I got bellpull hardware for a Christmas ornament (it is really heavy--solid brass), the fabric for Horrified, and the beads for Potpourri.

I also got my sewing machine fixed today. He fixed it in about 10 minutes and only charged $17. That's better than I thought on both accounts.

Ouch: I'm also suffering from what I think is a pinched nerve. My right hip hurts (nothing new), but the pain burns from my lower back down my right leg to my knee. I'll have to call the doctor Monday. It's making doing anything painful.

Gaming: We played City of Heroes a good bit today. I got Flora Essence up to level 40 and got her a new costume. I also played Green Goddess a bit. She finally got her mass hold. I need to get her to 32 so she can get her pet; she's only 26 at the moment.

Friday, October 13, 2006

TrickORTreat top and bottom panels

The top and bottom panels are done. Just the two side panels left to do now and the scary finishing. Ooooo...

Did you notice the ghost's pompoms? They're supposed to be orts. This is an ort box, after all.

As always, click on the pic for a better image.

Also, I got my Nordic Needle package in today. No floss like I ordered, but someone else's patterns! Argh. So now they have to reship the floss and I'll have to send back the patterns. Plus, two of the flosses are on back order. Very frustrating. I also found out my package from Ginger's didn't ship until today. I was hoping to get it today, but it looks like it won't be until Monday. I try to be patient, really...but it's hard.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

First panel of TrickORTreat

Aha, finished the first panel (the middle one)! TrickORTreat is such a fun piece. The silk threads are a little thicker than DMC or NPI, so it takes some getting used to. I think I like NPI silk better than this Rainbow Gallery silk, but hey, it's silk! Which means it feels niiiiice. :-)

I may continue working on this one since I'm on a roll (and it's getting closer to Halloween!).

What happens when you have 1 bed and 2 kitties?

They both have to get in it, of course! They stayed like this for a while. I think Anubis finally got too hot with a kitten lying on him and left. Then Hathor's plan was complete and she had the bed all to herself!

Stitching: I'm alternating between Dragon Soul QS and TrickORTreat. Not much to show just yet on TrickORTreat.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I'm glad I bought a flat panel monitor... that my kitten has some place to lie.

See that little black thing? It's a piece that broke off my phone charger. I just know Hathor's going to go after it. I'd better pick it up. Right now she's got a bottlecap she's chasing around back there.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sewing machine broken

Nope, I won't be working on that ornament. I went to stitch it together, and my sewing machine is broken. The lever that lifts the foot isn't working. I found a place in town that can fix it. I'll probably bring it in Saturday.

Of course, I could finish the ornament without sewing, but I have a plan of what I want to do, and the pieces are cut and pinned. Oh well, I'll stitch on Dragon Soul QS some more.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Potpourri HD

I finished Potpourri for Michelle's (artbuff) round robin. I'm missing the bee charm, which the store said they'd ship tomorrow, and the cream beads, which Ginger's will also ship probably tomorrow. Click on the pic for a better image. This was a fun stitch, and I'm glad I'm going to get it done ahead of time.

Ginger's also has my bellpull hardware for a Christmas ornament and my fabric for Horrified. I thought about going in on Saturday, but I'll probably just buy more stuff. Oh noes! Probably just cheaper to pay for postage.

Matt's working tonight because he needed tester time. It's lonely, but I'm getting stuff done. I thought about working on an ornament finish, but Potpourri took me longer than I thought it would. Maybe tomorrow. Now let's see if I can get to sleep tonight without him in bed....


I know I set my blog to where anyone could comment, but Blogger has changed it to members only a few times. My apologies. Anyone wanting to comment, please do! I was wondering why I didn't get any comments. :(

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Second pic of Dragon Soul QS

I got a good bit done this weekend. The little draggie has a face, and more of the wings are done. (Click the pic for a better image.) I can't stitch on this one as much as I can on The Awakening. I think all the grey gets to me after a while. And my forearms are aching a bit.

Oh, of course I didn't make it to Ginger's for the stitch-in Friday. The thought of having to drive home in the dark in the city doesn't really motivate me. And I'm a lazy butt on Fridays.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Received some goodies

I got Michelle's (artbuff) Just Nan RR in the mail today. I've decided to do Potpourri for it. I ordered the bee charm; hopefully it will get here soon.

I also got my kit for Summer Afternoon from European Cross Stitch. I won't be working on this one for a while, but I wanted to get it since they were discontinuing the kit.

Today I worked on Dragon Soul QS while the guys were roleplaying. I'll try to post another pic tomorrow. I mostly filled in boring stuff.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Began HAED Dragon Soul QS

I began this piece yesterday. I took the day off work today because I just needed a break. Her face looks so sweet. This one is great because it has so few colors, but stitching white on white can be a challenge.

Yesterday I got my fabric for Porcelain Nosegay and the pattern for Horrified. Of course, the fabric for Horrified is the same called for in Witch Way, and I didn't keep the little scraps I had. It would have been enough. Oh well, another for the to-buy list next time I get to Ginger's.

I also got my floss from Artfabrik today for Futurecast. Oh, and an email that my Thread Gatherer floss is on backorder. Oh well, lots to do in the mean time! I should be getting a Just Nan RR piece in soon.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Argh! Restart on Dragon Soul QS

Last night I kept looking at my work on Dragon Soul QS and thinking it didn't look like anything, certainly not like the original artwork. That's when I realized I had picked up 415 instead of 413 for the very first thread I did. I tried picking it out, but I just got so annoyed I started ripping. So I chucked it and started over. What a waste of a piece of Jobelan and at least three hours' worth of work. I was not having a good night, and not even Matt could snap me out of my mood.

I do want to concentrate on this piece, so TrickORTreat might get pushed to the side again. The best laid plans...

Gaming: I paid $10 and got the GvE expansion for City of Heroes/Villains. So now I have a jump pack, Pocket D transporter, and the sinister and heroic costume options (which look pretty nice). Thorn Goddess got a new look. :-) I was wondering what to do with her third costume. When Update 8 comes out, I HAVE to give wings to some character. I don't think it will be her, though. Might be time to remake my demon, Dame Dread, yet again.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Folk Art Topiary ornament

Ugh! I made the cording, and it's uneven. 24 twirls on one side, and 16 on the other. I'm highly annoyed but not annoyed enough to redo it. Have I mentioned I hate finishing ornaments?

I also finished the outlining for TrickORTreat. I'd take a picture, but it's tan on tan--not much to see. Now onto the cross stitching.

HAED released a free Selina Fenech QS called Dragon Soul (check her Live Journal for the pic), so of course I had to start it last night. That makes a second start for me. I'll work on that a bit tonight.

I'm going to try my darnedest to go to Ginger's stitch-in this Friday. We'll see if I can drag my lazy butt over there.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Santa's Stash HD

Yet another ornament finished! I wasn't planning to do one since I'm working on TrickORTreat, but after miscounting a bit on the outline, I wasn't motivated. This one was pretty easy to finish. I tried every bowl, cup, etc. I had trying to draw an oval, and then I remembered I could do one on the computer. Duh! I laced the pieces onto mat board, which worked pretty well.

Just five ornaments left to finish!

The HAED chat last night was completely civil, which was a relief. HAED said they could do a mockup for me if I'm concerned about how a piece will turn out. I might try that for my next piece, which will probably be Selina Fenech's Pearl Princess.

HAED also announced they're going to post a freebie tonight and have it up for only 24 hours. Exciting! Maybe it will be one I like, who knows.

TV: Eureka plays tonight! We also watched Dr. Who last Friday. I liked the old Doctor better, grumble. Matt pointed out that the new Doctor is Barty Finch Jr. from Harry Potter. Ack!

Kitties: Hathor got up on the wall next to the stairs twice yesterday. I was scared to death, scared to fuss her, scared to go near her, for fear she'd try jumping one and a half flights down. Matt finally squirted her with canned air, and she jumped away from the stairs.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Perfect Gifts HD

I finished up this ornament today. I used glue this time, which wasn't as easy as I thought. You have to hold it until the glue starts to dry, and it's hard to get it even. I think I like lacing better. I did use transparent thread, which I think worked well, when I stitched the two parts together and put on the cording. I wanted to do a floral bow, but I either need wire or wider ribbon. The cording is pretty thick, which is why I couldn't tuck it into the ornament or even tie a knot at the top. I'm pretty satisfied with the finishing but not excited about it for some reason. Fickle.

StitchinQween posted about a Just Nan exclusive called Horrified. Why do I look at these things? Of course I had to call Ginger's and ask them to put one on hold for me when it comes in. While I was on the phone, I also ordered Just Nan's Summer in the Square, which I was missing. What, I'm completing the set! ;-)

Then...I got an email from European Cross Stitch saying that they were dicontinuing the kit for Chatelaine's Summer Afternoon. Now I've already finished Winter's Eve, which is part of a set of four. I want to do the others. I could of course pass this by and then have to kit it up myself, which would cost more in the long run. So I broke down and ordered it ($70+ ow ow ow).

So I was bad and hate that I spent so much. But I NEEEEEED it. Bad, bad, bad.

The next thing on the agenda is TrickORTreat. I'm waiting on materials for a few others, so this was next (or I could have done the two silk gauze kits but wasn't in the mood).

There's some commotion over at the HAED BB. Yes, the company screws up your order a lot, but I don't know why people have to take it so personally and get nasty. I had some problems with them, but I'd rather not get so mad about it.

I've been reading stitching blogs, and I've seen the Crazy Cat Lady Exchange mentioned a few times. That sounds like me! I haven't yet tracked down what board it's from.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Awakening Page 21

I finished another page today. I'm mostly concentrating on smalls right now, but I didn't want to neglect this for too long. My baby is almost half done!

I visited Ginger's yesterday and got the mat board scraps I needed to finish some ornaments. I also picked up Autumn in the Square and the JCS ornament issue. There are three ornaments I want to stitch from it--those by Val's Stuff, Sweetheart Tree, and Jeanette Douglas.

I need Summer in the Square to finish the set, and Ginger's was out of most of the Weeks Dye Works threads I need to do my acorn scissor case. I also need a few WDWs for the ornaments. So, I can either wait on Ginger's or try to order online. I sent an email to Threadneedle Street, so we'll see what availability and price are like.

Yesterday in Ginger's Matt said, "What about the challenge?" But, sweetie, I already finished my 10 for the challenge! lol

Concerning pets: I need to get on my soapbox for a minute. People do not need to let their pets wander around outside. Yesterday before we left for Matt's mom's, we saw a neighbor cat dead in the middle of the street. I was so sad. She was such a good kitty. She would meow loudly and come over for petting after some persuasion. Her fur was wet, so we think a dog got her. Rest in peace, poor kitty.

Hathor scared the crap out of me last night. I found her walking along the edge of the wall that runs next to the stairs. Way up there. If she fell, she could very well die. I calmly took her off the counter and then fussed her once she was on the floor. Whew! Anubis is also very unhappy with the diet. We're going to have to do dishes immediately because I found him in the sink looking for scraps this morning (and there were knives in there). Why do these kitties like to give Mommy a heart attack?

New job: I found out today I didn't get the job. I'm pretty pissed. What other qualifications do I need? I've been doing this for 10 years!!! I'm going to ask them what exactly the person they selected has that I don't. They didn't even call my references.