Thursday, November 29, 2007

Birthday club exchange finished

Yesterday I managed to finish off an item for the birthday club exchange. We're sending Christmas presents too this year, in addition to the birthday presents. I can't show pics yet, but I'm very happy to have it all done. I'll try to mail the package this week so it gets to Canada on time.

Logan: We're having more screaming fits (his, that is). I get such anxiety when he screams so much. Not only does it get me frustrated and angry at the time, later I feel so bad that he's unhappy. He's not a bright, cheery baby most of the time. We did interview someone to come to the house and watch Logan when I go back to work in January (I work at home as a techincal editor). She seems nice, and we'll probably offer her the job. She's all of 19 and has two kids of her own--so she has more experience than I do.

Diet: I've pretty much stuck to my diet, though I had a little extra for Thanksgiving. So far I've only lost like half a pound. I had lost two pounds, then gained four, then lost three and a half. Argh. I do need to start exercising, but I have to do that when Matt's home to watch Logan, and when Matt gets home, it's a scramble to get supper done. I guess I just need to make time. I'll walk the treadmill since it's a bit cold right now. Oh, did I mention I'm bitter that I won't be able to take advantage of the weight loss everyone said I'd have when breastfeeding?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Castle Sampler update

I finished two more of the figures. Matt being home all this past week really helped.

I worked on my website a little. I took the thumbnails off the main page and made sub-indices by designer. I'm sure it was getting hard to load for people on dial-up.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Castle Sampler update

Yes, another update. I finished the first figure at the bottom. Finally, some content to stitch! The chart wasn't too hard to follow. Now for the three figures in the middle. That should be interesting.

I also finished off a small piece for the birthday club exchange. I still need to do the finishing of the larger piece, which I'd like to get done this week.

Baby: Matt's off this week, and it's so nice to have some help with Logan. Matt pinched a nerve in his shoulder, probably from all the lifting of the baby, so he can't do much of the feeding. Still, amusing the boy is sometimes the hardest part. I did get my first honest-to-goodness smile from Logan yesterday. He was on his play mat and looked at me. Awwww!

TV shows: We've been watching Stargate Atlantis. I didn't get into this as much when it aired because I preferred SG-1, but I'm really enjoying watching it again.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Castle Sampler update

I finished the inner vine border. I'll move on to the people at the bottom next.

My HAED round robin also came home to me. I still have one of the angels to stitch. I don't know eactly what I'll make of this yet. Big pic.

Baby: I was despairing of Logan smiling, but he finally did, for Matt of course. I got his first tear as he impatiently awaited his meal. Also, he's losing the baby hair on the sides of his head. This is supposed to be normal, but it looks rather odd. It looks like he's enlisted!

I bruise: I can still see the shadow of the bruise from the bad IV stick. Someday it will go away. I had one bruise for over a year when I hit my shin with the corner of the truck door.

New mattress: We bought a new mattress since Matt's back has been hurting. I thought we'd bought a good mattress four years ago, but apparently we didn't as evidenced by the big ruts our bodies left in it. This time we bought a Tempurpedic--big bucks. But Matt's back is getting better. I don't toss and turn like I used to--Anubis actually sleeps up against me now. We'll see if it helps my back and hips.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Castle Sampler update

I finished the outer border of Castle Sampler. I took a larger picture so you could see some of the detail. There is some over-one. Be sure to click on the pic.

I'm not sure where I'll go next. The chart is hand drawn and hard to read, so the people at the bottom of the piece will be tough (like Angel Procession--ugh!).

Oh, and I ran out of 316. Apparently they didn't figure in all the many stops and starts in a TW piece.

I was working on some obligation stitching, but I ran out of silk. I needed only one length to finish, so I had to order some more. So the stitching on the first piece should be a quick finish. I then need to do the finishing and stitch a smaller piece. I'd like to get the package in the mail December 1. I'd better get to it! That's pretty close, can you believe it?

Baby: Logan will be six weeks Tuesday. He still hasn't given me a smile yet, darn it. Matt's relatives came over Sunday to see Logan, and he got passed around. Fortunately he was being an angel. I also need to find a nanny for when I go back to work. I work at home, so she can come here and take care of Logan and do a little housework. It'll be expensive, but at least he'll be close. I just hope I can find someone! I put an ad on Craig's List.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Harvest exchange received from Carol

Look at lucky me! I received this Harvest Exchange from Carol. Remember, I had her name for the Halloween Exchange. She stitched Wee Autumn by Heart in Hand and made it into a box--her first. And it's very well done. I had to really search to find the seam in the trim. ;) Her husband Mike did the staining on the box and donated the Gingher scissors. What a nice guy!

I'm so excited to get the Sleepy Hollow chart. It's such a neat piece. I'm also glad to get the Halloween Fob chart. It looks like a good quick one I can do when I need a break from larger pieces. She sent some nice fabric--I'm starting a small stash--and a yummy candle, lotion, and Altoids. Mmm, chocolate!

Baby: I promised a pic of Logan with the Halloween socks Carol sent. See below. His outfit is only slightly stained. Can you believe he has already outgrown the Gerber onesies at one month old? He's not a huge baby, so they must run small. He didn't even get to wear them all!

Halloween: We handed out candy last night and got a good crowd--we even ran out of candy and had to turn the light off. We saw so many cute little kiddos. One tiny boy tried to come into our house--twice! lol. I kept thinking of what it will be like when my little boy goes trick-or-treating. I can't wait!

Harvest exchange

Jeanne sent me a lovely email to let me know she received my package for the SBEBB Harvest Exchange.

I stitched Autumn Blessings by Imaginating Inc. This was a large piece, but I really wanted to stitch it. My mom sewed it into a bellpull (naturally), and it's her best one yet. It lies really flat. She wanted me to keep it, and it was very tempting! ;) I found out recently that there are others in the seasonal blessings series, and I may eventually stitch them. They're very cute.

On my website you can see more and better pics of Autumn Blessings.

I also received my Autumn Exchange package from Carol. Lucky me! I'll post some pics of that soon.