Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New baby quilt

One of my cousins is having a baby, so my mom made this cute quilt. I really hope the ultrasound is right...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mermaid Song purse front

I've finally finished another piece of Mermaid Song by Victoria Sampler. I have two smaller items left to do. We'll see how long that takes.

I also finished a piece for the Hooked on Exchanging Halloween exchange, which I need to mail out very soon. I want to make another just like it for myself, so that's on the agenda too.

Oh, and I plan to stitch Logan a Christmas stocking. I bought a pattern that has lots of little cars, so I'm planning to arrange them on the stocking and add his name at the top. I couldn't think of anything more appropriate for a kid as crazy about cars as I was about horses at his age. Speaking of which, he's turning five next month. Can you believe that?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fairy Queen

I stitched part of Joan Elliott's Fairy Queen for Karen's round robin piece. Joan's faces are so pretty.

Another 5K: I signed up for the Sea World Race for the Fund 5K in October. Now to train, train, train...

Monday, September 03, 2012

Sizzle HD

I finished stitching this Just Nan piece a while back and did the finishing today. Very easy. This was a piece I bought at Ginger's when it was going out of business. What a bittersweet finish.

My first 5K: Sunday Matt and I walked our first 5K! I was so excited. I walked the whole way because it was very hilly, but I finished! I'd been walking for a few months and really buckled down with training this last month -- 5 days a week of walking 3 miles each, with a little slow jogging thrown in to help my breathing (my biggest problem is catching my breath). I think I'm hooked because I'm contemplating the Sea World San Antonio 5K in October.

Disney Cruise: Disney changed their 2013 itineraries, so we're going in January instead of February. Also, we get a day at Disney World. I'm very happy about this, except that now I have to figure out what all to cram into one day!

City of Heroes closing: City of Heroes was my first MMO (computer game). I haven't found one that I liked as much. Even though I haven't played it in a while, I've thought of going back. Sadly, they're going to be shutting down the servers. :-( The search for a good new MMO continues.

Reading: I'm still reading all the urban fantasy/romance I can get my hands on. I got to meet Kalayna Price and Ilona Andrews, and I was thrilled. Right now, I'm reading Kim Harrison's latest. Matt's laughing his butt off reading Jenny Lawson's book. I must get to that one.