Monday, July 30, 2007

Halloween exchange

No stitching picture this time around, but here's Anubis making himself comfortable in the new baby stroller my nanny bought me. He must think we bought it for him!

Since the SBEBB Halloween exchange is supposed to be a surprise, no pictures of my latest finish, but I did finish one small piece for it. For a small piece, the finishing was somewhat time consuming. I do like it very much, though--I'm hesitant to give it up! I have two other small pieces planned for the exchange, but I'm waiting for the fabric, floss, and charms. I could go nuts stitching Halloween stuff. I also bid on a Halloween knick knack on eBay to be included with the exchange.

Since I need to stitch these as quickly as possible, I'm not waiting to see whose name I draw. Ordinarily I'd wait so I could tailor the items to the person. Oh well, I think the items have a wide enough appeal. I'm very excited about the exchange because I just love Halloween stuff.

I also started getting the fabric ready for Winter Stitches. I just couldn't get the wrinkles out of the R&R Reproduction fabric, so I posted on The Wagon. They suggested freezing the fabric after a good steam, so I did that (though I used a damp towel to wrap the fabric in). Worked like a charm! So now I can get stitching on it.

I'm also working on The Awakening a little. So much gets a little boring.

Baby stuff: Matt finished painting the baby's room blue. It looks great. Now we need to get the wallpaper border up. Bleh. I'm thinking about putting it about midway up, rather than up near the ceiling.


Kari Boardman said...

That is what I did with the border in both DD's and DS's rooms. I think it looks nice like that.

Anonymous said...

Funny picture of Anubis!

Anonymous said...

Anubis looks just like my Oliver - only Oliver is much more hefty - he eats well. ;) Beautiful cat you have there. Looks like he'll probably enjoy the crib at some point too. lol