Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Taking inventory

It's time to look at my list of stuff to do....

HAED The Awakening (made good progress)
HAED Eternal Promise
Magnificent Wizard
TW Angel Procession (made good progress)
Maggie the Messmaker
Rose and Butterfly Quilt
A Fish Tale
Winter Stitches (a new little WIP)

TrickORTreat (made a little progress)
Angel of Summer (for mom)

TW Castle Sampler
Chatelaine Convent's Herbal Garden
Chatelaine Summer Afternoon
TW Futurecast
Porcelain Nosegay
Poor Jack

Things I finished since my last look:
Barnabee's Quest
12 Days of Christmas Whimzi
Daffodil Run
Gift pillow
One piece for the SBEBB Halloween exchange

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