Monday, June 29, 2015

Convent's Herbal Garden HD

I finished this Chatelaine a few days ago. The beading seemed to go on forever, though really there's not that much for a Chatelaine. I enjoyed the piece, but the instructions were pretty difficult to decipher. I had instructions from the initial mystery release (from a kit I bought way back when), and those are a little rougher than the printed instructions. I think I should have just bought the chart and saved myself the headache.

I also learned that Marlitt is discontinued! I guess the difficulty of working with it wasn't worth the prettiness of it. There are some substitutes for it, but fortunately I didn't run out of it. No, it just hid away in my stash until I had bought a replacement. Then it turned up. Of course.

On a recent jaunt to ABC Stitch Therapy, I picked up the charts for a few Just Nan smalls. I stitched up a strawberry bunny and need to do the finishing of it. I also ordered the fabric for the smalls, so I see some of those in my future. I just need to switch mindset from a large piece to a bunch of smalls. It's difficult sometimes; other times I need the break.

Speaking of, I'm contemplating the next piece to put on my scroll rods. I really should finish up some past projects. I'm running out of project bags! Maybe it's time to go through my WIPs again, but most of them are non-cross stitch. It's hard to get out of my comfort zone.