Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mermaid framed

I finally got this piece framed. It's Mermaid by Teresa Wentzler. Of course I still have lots of other finished pieces to get framed.

The frame was $200 (ouch), but I think it goes well with the piece. I use no glass on my pieces.

Even after framing, the piece is a little lumpy. There were a lot of color changes. I'll have to take a close up later to show you what I mean. I dream of having my stitches sit just perfectly, but that hasn't happened with my TWs.

I also forgot to initial and date the piece. I may try to stitch some in, but I'm not sure it that will work.

I've been stitching on Eternal Promise, but it's full of confetti. I have the first two rows of stitching done, and that's even after sitting for three hours Saturday waiting for Matt's car stereo to be installed.

Friday, April 27, 2007

I started Eternal Promise!

After all the hemming and hawing, I finally started HAED's Eternal Promise (also called Arwen and Aragorn) by Matt Stewart. I've only put a few stitches in over my lunch hour. I'll probably work on this piece this weekend while the guys are playing computer games (yes, I'm sacrificing my computer Saturday night).

This piece is even bigger than The Awakening. The first page is mostly the border, which I'm sure I'll get tired of soon enough. But for now I'm enjoying the blues and purples.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Awakening Page 30

I finished the row today. I really like the snowy tree.

So now I'm 70% done--woohoo! I have 10 full pages and 8 small pages left to do (I miscounted earlier). I might actually finish it this year!

The other HAED I have kitted up is Eternal Promise, not Pearl Princess, so I may put a few stitches into that one later. I'd rather work on PP, though....

Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Stitching Treasures HD

I finished My Stitching Treasures by Jeanette Douglas today. This piece first caught my eye at last year's stitching retreat. A lady was working on it and was having a terrible time with it because of the tedious over-one. I fell in love with the piece and don't mind over one.

It was a remarkably fast stitch, considering the amount of specialty stitches and over-one sections in it (32-count fabric too!). I would have finished it earlier, but I lost my mojo and the top block didn't interest me much. I picked it up again last night and am so happy to have finished it.

I have the wooden box it goes in. I haven't figured out if I'm brave enough to finish it myself or have it done professionally.

By the way, Matt gave me this whole kit last year for Christmas. He chickened out and asked Jeanette Douglas get all the many pieces. She was very sweet about it too.

I haven't decided what I want to work on next. I'll probably play computer games for the rest of the day anyway.

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Awakening Page 29

Here's the latest page. The snow-covered tree looks really neat. I wish you could see the detail. I've started taking pics with my digital camera because it's just gotten so big. I'm 68% done so far. Lots more to go.

I still need to start on my Garden Exchange piece, but I might finish up My Stitching Treasures first. And then maybe a new HAED start, which would probably be Pearl Princess. I can't really decide--there's so much to choose from.

Baby: I went to the doctor Wednesday. Everything sounds fine. I had some blood tests done but haven't gotten the results yet. It really hurts when the doctor tries to hear the heartbeat with a machine he pushes against my gut. He then gives up and uses the ultrasound--duh! I also found out that Matt's crappy insurance doesn't want to pay for the second ultrasound or my Nexium. Grr! I think we're going to have to switch to my insurance in September. Other than that, I'm having some nausea, headaches, and muscle pains in my abdomen. And some general depression for no apparent reason. Hormones--how lovely.

Roses: Barbara asked if my roses smelled good. Well, the pregnancy has caused me some congestion, but from what I remember, they do have a nice smell though it's not very strong.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

My rose bush is in bloom!

I snapped this pic this morning. I'm surprised the wind hasn't whipped off all the petals.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Final Just Nan RR!

I finished Yuletide Wreath Ornament for Cathy's round robin. Hers is all Christmas ornaments. This is the last Just Nan RR obligation, and I should be getting mine back soon!

I'm enjoying my HAED again, so I may work on that some more. I'm highly tempted to start a new HAED, but then I need to work on The Awakening too. Decisions, decisions. I'm just glad I've gotten most of my mojo back!

Baby: I have another doctor's appointment next week where they'll do genetic testing. I hope all goes well. I've finished 15 weeks now. I think I might be feeling the baby, something like very faint flutters.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Awakening Page 28

I finished the next page of The Awakening. After going back to the HAED BB, I was eager to stitch on this again. Only 18 pages to go (ugh).

I got the pattern in for the piece I want to do for the SBEBB garden exchange, but the piece is a little larger than I thought it would be. OK, a lot bigger... I still want to do it, so I guess I need to get started so I can mail it out by May 31! It's not my style, but I think the person I drew will like it.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Leigh's RR

Here's my square for Leigh's Ian Daniels round robin. It's part of Dream Sleep.

I've been thinking about a new HAED start, like I don't have enough WIPs. I could start Pearl Princess. It's been kitted up for a while now.

Mom's visiting this weekend, and she got to see the pregnancy belly for the first time--bigger than she thought for only 4 pounds.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Barnabee's Quest Part 2 finished

I finished the second part of Barnabee's Quest by Just Nan today. Since my desire to stitch has been so erratic, I decided to work on this when I felt like it, not just on SAL days.

I'll probably move on to a catch-up round on my HAED RR next.

Baby: Everything's fine with the baby. I'm 13.5 weeks now. At my last doctor's appointment, they said I had a little protein in my urine, which is normal for women my age. I gained 4 pounds, which is a net gain of 2 pounds so far. My scale at home says I gained about 6 pounds.... Matt thinks he has the flu, so I'm hoping I don't catch it. Eep.