Saturday, July 07, 2007

Angel Procession update

Yes, it's a headless angel! I pooped out on this one pretty quickly. I don't want to get sick of it again, so I'm putting it away for a few more days. Every other stitch is a fractional, so I can see why it's driving me nuts. There's almost no straight stitching at all.

The backstitching on the rose parts of the angel in progress is very light, I find. I'm thinking about pulling it out and using a darker color.

I started working on the finishing of TrickORTreat today. Ugh, I really hate it. It's a royal pain in the butt. I am never getting another one of these boxes again. The bluebird box by Just Nan is very cute, but I keep reminding myself I'd have to put it together. Blech!

Oh, Monique posted a pic of a cute Harry Potter pattern. I'm thinking about stitching it up real quick. But Hedwig's white, not brown, right?


Cathy said...

Wow the Awakening looks great. You are really close to being done. Angel Procession is also coming along. Keep going. You won't get as much stitching time after the baby is born.

mainely stitching said...

Love your angels, even the headless one. Reminds me of the very old statues at the churches here - heads, or faces, frequently didn't bear out under the ravages of time.

Carol said...

What an astounding piece! You are really making good progress on it!