Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More irises

A fall bloomer...

HOE spring exchanges

Around April I ran a spring exchange for Hooked on Exchanging. The top image is one I did for my partner, Mylene. It's the 2010 Carrot from the Cricket Collection. You can see more pics on my website. My mom stitched the little zipper bag. She makes lots of them as gifts.

The bottom image is the exchange I did for Hazel. Her partner didn't send the exchange, leaving Hazel high and dry. I just can't understand people who would steal like that -- accept their exchange and not reciprocate. Ah well, it happens, but it's only a small fraction of the participants. This piece is modified from Cottontails in the Garden by Norma Flake of Keepsake Stitches (pattern found in Just Cross Stitch March/April 2013). You can see more pics on my website. My mom did the finishing as a zippered bag. I think it's so cute, and the yellow fabric is just perfect for the piece.

Let me also say this about exchanges: my favorite part is making something for someone. So if my partner doesn't send me something, oh well (we don't receive from the same person we send to). It saddens me, but receiving is not why I do it.

Santa's Village HD

I've been away from my blog for much too long! I haven't been stitching all that much. The husband and I have been playing Wildstar (look for Rowan on Avatus). That seems to be petering out a bit, so I'm getting back to the stitching.

I finished this one last month -- Santa's Village by Country Cottage Needleworks. For such a simple piece, it certainly had a lot of frogging. I've gotten spoiled by consistent dye lots, so I didn't notice that my DMC 321 reds didn't match. Look out for that period at the end of the number. It means the colors have been reformulated, so they probably won't match your old floss exactly. Sneaky.

I'll probably turns this one into a wall hanging eventually.

I also received two pieces back from Jill Rensel, so stay tuned for pics!