Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TW's Tracery Dragons released

Teresa Wentzler just announced that Tracery Dragons has been released. It won't be on Patterns Online until this Friday. Since I prefer that to a printed chart, I'll have to hold my clicky finger until then. This one will be high on my to-do list.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Maggie the Messmaker update

I made fairly good progress this week. I estimate I have about two months of stitching left, if I work on this piece exclusively, and then I can start on the extensive backstitching. I believe I can finally see an end to this piece! This is my oldest WIP and has taken me the longest to finish. I think I started it before I met DH, around 2002.

I came across the Totally Useless SAL on someone's blog and decided to join. I usually have a large pile of orts, so we'll see exactly how huge it gets.

Reading: While I was sick, I finished up Mercedes Lackey's Elemental Mages series. It's my favorite, next to the Valdemar series, which I finished before that. The next in line is the Fairy Tale series, which is made up of two books. I'm so glad I'm rereading her books. I'm enjoying them as much as the first time around.

Vacation?: We're going to try to get to Sea World in San Antonio this coming weekend, just spending Saturday night at a hotel. This will be Logan's first trip to an amusement park of any kind, and we don't know what his interest level will be. If he doesn't get into the shows or animals, we can always head to the water park section. I'm sure he'll like that.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Maggie the Messmaker update

I finally started stitching a little. Here's an update on Maggie. I have officially finished the right half of the piece. The fabric's a little off square, as I noticed when I took my photo. I really hope that's not a problem when I go to frame it. I'll have to be extra careful when I put it in my Qsnaps from now on. You wouldn't think aida would be a problem.

So we survived that nasty virus and are more or less back on our feet. I still have a bad cough, as does Logan. I lost about 10 pounds while I was sick and am fighting to keep it off. Weight like that just seems to come back so easy. But now I do understand why Logan didn't want to eat anything for so long. The virus gave us pustules inside the throat that were very painful and it took away the appetite completely. I had trouble even swallowing, and it felt like my throat was going to close up completely. The joys of having a kid in daycare...they catch everything and bring it home.

Monday, April 06, 2009


Of course, it had to happen. People were almost better and then--

I got very sick, Matt got sicker, and my mom got very sick. Logan, fortunately, is in high spirits and not sick, other than the cough and snot, which the doctor attributes to allergies. I have a horrible sore throat, headache, fever, etc., which the doctor says is a virus. That would be why the antibiotics I got during the first doctor visit didn't work. She says Matt's sore throat doesn't look like mine, so he's got stronger antibiotics. My mom goes to a different doctor, and he said she has the flu. So it's hard for any of us to get up the energy to do the day-to-day things you have to do when there's a kid in the house. I don't even have the energy to stitch, so you know it's bad.

Did I mention I'm running out of leave time at work too? No vacation for me until Logan stops bringing crud home from daycare.

If you're waiting on an email from me, give me a little more time please. :-)

Oh, PatternsOnline has their fantasy stuff on sale in case you're interested.