Friday, July 27, 2007

Third and final ultrasound

We got to see the baby again yesterday. The pictures didn't come out very well because the baby had his hands up near his face. And he's definitely a he. He's been kicking like crazy, and Matt's been able to feel the movement, and even see my belly move while he was sitting across the living room from me. The baby is still positioned head down, so the movement I feel above my belly button is kicks, strong kicks. He hasn't reached my ribs yet, which is a good thing.

The insulin pills were making me nauseous and weren't affecting my fasting blood sugar. So the doctor increased the dosage and had me taking half with breakfast and lunch each and one with supper. So far that has made me feel much better.

10 more weeks to go!


mainely stitching said...

Oh my gosh, are you down to only 10 weeks?! How exciting!

Wishing you great improvement with the new insulin regime, and I hope that you'll feel fine in general! :)

Anonymous said...

Ten weeks!! How exciting :) Isn't the belly movement just the most wondrous thing??