Monday, November 30, 2009

Lady of Shalott progress pic

I've been making pretty good progress on this. It's fairly easy to tote around the house. Logan's letting me stitch while he plays with his toys, so I can stitch while looking after him now.

I plan to join a stitch-along in January with Teresa Wentzler's Legends of the Spellcasters and then Legends of the Dragons. If you're interested, check out the TWBB.

Sinus surgery: Since I've had 10 sinus infections in 10 months, the ENT ordered a CT scan and then determined I need surgery to clear out my sinuses and fix my deviated septum. I'll be having it right after Christmas, which means my birthday on December 31 might be spent recovering. Oh well, it's not like I was looking forward to turning 40!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lady of Shalott progress pic

Not the greatest picture, but it shows my progress on Teresa Wentzler's Lady of Shalott. Progress has been slow because there are a lot of color changes and I haven't been using my stand.

I'm going to try to take a picture of all my needlerolls, but I need a bigger basket first.

Sick again: This is the 10th sinus infection in 10 months, so the doctor has referred me to an ENT. I really hope he can fix this without having to cut me. A few years ago I had a doctor comment that he was surprised I didn't get sick more often and they could scrape out my sinuses. I don't think I'd be as quick to say no now, but I still wouldn't be eager.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Last two Sweetheart Tree needlerolls done

I finally got the last bit of ribbon I needed to finish up these last two needlerolls (Violet Bouquet and Sweetheart). I am so happy to have these all done. I started the series at the beginning of 2008. It feels like I've been working on them a lot longer than that.

Now I've been working on the Spirit of Snow Angel by Brooke Nolan, but I'm having second thoughts about the perforated paper. I've already ripped a square out when trying to tuck a tail in (fixed it, though). I'm wondering how long this paper's going to last. I don't need it to last hundreds of years, but just through my lifetime would be nice. The angels are a fair amount of work and money, so I want them to be around for a while. The paper's also taking a bit of bending with all the stitching, Kreiniks, and beading. I could switch to fabric, but then I like the paper-doll quality of the pieces. Hm.

As you may have heard, TW Designworks has closed. This makes me very sad since Teresa Wentzler is my favorite designer. I still have lots of her designs to stitch, but there won't be any new pieces, not even Illuminata, which was promising to be something spectacular. This economy really sucks.