Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Awakening Page 44

Here is the next partial page at the bottom of the piece. Just three more full pages to go (and the partials, but they're quick).

I did need a little break, so I did a small gift piece that I can't show right now, and I started on Just Nan's Daffodil Run.

I also received the fabric for two Jeannette Douglas pieces, Take Time to Stitch and Summer Stitches. The R&R Reproductions fabric was very wrinkled, so I've emailed the store to see if it's supposed to be. I'd hate to wet it to iron it (the only way to dewrinkle linen) and have the color run. I've had that happen before.

I won an auction for the chart for Take Time to Stitch Too at a good price. I should have enough fabric for that one too (assuming it calls for the same fabric). And now I'll be good!


Michelle said...

She's looking amazing! I've had my R&R fabric bleed and lose color, so I would definitely be very careful with it.

Anonymous said...

Wow that's looking fantastic!

I've had extremely wrinkled hand dyed fabric lots... I lightly spray it with water and then iron it dry, and most times it takes the wrinkles out :)