Saturday, July 14, 2007

Retail therapy

Since I've been so down, I decided to do a little shopping to cheer myself up. I bought the fabric for Jeannette Douglas' Take Time to Stitch and Winter Stitches (eventually I'll get the other seasons too). I got these patterns from some very nice stitchers for the cost of postage. I also bought the embellisment pack for Take Time to Stitch since I had the urge to work on it. I didn't buy all that much, but it still came out to be rather pricey.

Baby: Thank you all for your encouragement and advice. Matt told me that his friend's wife actually works at my hospital (she's training to be a nurse). I'm thinking I might try to have a talk with her about how things work. Otherwise, I'm sticking to my diet religiously and monitoring my blood sugar. It's all I can do right now. As for swimming, there aren't any public pools in this podunk town. And I'm way too huge to find a bathing suit that would fit me--not to mention go out in public looking like that. As for the C-section, I realized today that no woman in my family has ever had a C-section or had trouble giving birth. I'm Cajun, a people who have historically been poor, so I guess those women just wouldn't have survived. That doesn't necessarily mean I won't have to have a C-section, but I think my chances are good for a natural birth.

Mom: Mom's coming for a visit this week and will arrive Monday. Yay!


barbara said...

Hooray for retail therapy! And hip-hip-hooray for moms! (Mine is coming out when the twins are due - can't wait!)

I hope you're enjoying a relaxing weekend!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry too much about the possibility of a C-Section. The best thing you can do to calm your nerves is to familiarize yourself with as much as possible so that if the moment comes you will know what is going on and why and you won't be too terribly scared or panic. Childbirth is a natural process and your body will take over and do what it is meant to do. And a C-section doesn't = failure no matter what people say so try not to worry.

Oh and as far as bathing suits go, I bought a bikini and wore a big old solid colored t-shirt on top when I was pregnant :D

Sharon said...

Nothing works likes retail therapy! I am sorry that the doc is such a jerk and with your first baby too. Do what works best for you and that will be best for the baby too. You know if Mama ain't happy-ain't nobody happy-LOL

Michelle said...

Sounds like you bought some great things! Glad you are feeling better about everything too. You are doing what you need to do for yourself. Good for you!