Monday, October 22, 2007

Castle Sampler update

Here's where I am with Teresa Wentzler's Castle Sampler. A good portion of this was done while I was lying in bed on my side recovering. That is not an easy position to stitch in!

I am still recovering. Sitting for very long is painful, so I'm still lying down a good bit. My stitching work has slowed to a crawl, but I'm enjoying it.

Baby: Wednesday we can start feeding on demand rather than every three hours. Yay! I just hope the little guy doesn't demand too much. Today he was a terror all morning, not settling down to sleep much at all. Wednesday is also the day Matt goes back to work. I'm not looking forward to that. Matt does so much, and it's scary to be on my own. My breastfeeding continues to dwindle--sad but nothing I can reasonably do about it.


Sharon said...

I am amazed that you can even stitch laying down! It looks great. I am sure the feeding on demand will go great.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed you can stitch at all and especially laying down.

It is scarey to be left on your own with the little one for the first time, but you will get yourself a routine and after a week or two you'll feel like you've been doing it all your life ... but in a nice way lol.

Breast feeding doesn't work for everyone. It is sad when you have to give up. I felt the same. But if it's not working then there's not much you can do about that. You did your best and baby got that extra goodness right at the beginning when he needed it most.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness... stitching while laying down and on a Wentzler no less! You *must* be superwoman :)

Erica said...

You're stitching looks wonderful - I'm impressed with your tenacity.

Don't worry too much about the breastfeeding thing. I had the same thing happen with DS#1 - my breastmilk only lasted a few weeks with him. I felt dreadful for a while but then realized that as long as he was gaining weight and looking healthy, it doesn't matter how that happens. He's now 11, in a gifted program at school and is an all around fantastic kid. I don't think the lack of breastmilk has affected him in the least. :-)

Anonymous said...

I had to feed Patrick every three hours when we first got home. When my midwife said we could extend that out to four hours, I felt like I'd been parolled! I gave up breastfeeding after a couple of weeks, and the most important thing is, if you do, don't feel guilty about it. You still gave Logan the best possible start and a happy mother and a happy baby is the *most* important thing. :)
Your castle sampler is looking good!

Becky K in OK said...

My word, how did you ever stitch on your side, and come out even to boot? I would have been of many, many stitches. Good job!