Monday, October 29, 2007


I was stitching the alphabet on Castle Sampler last night. I was almost done when I realized I had stitched the letters on the right straight up, not at 90 degress like they were supposed to be! Ripping out over-one is such a pain. I am very annoyed.

I won't bother contacting Leasure Arts about missing the 610 from my kit. It's an old OOP kit and not worth the effort.

I'm mailing out my Harvest Exchange piece for the SBEBB today. I'm glad I got that stitched way ahead of time. I need to work on my Christmas present stitching for the birthday exchange next. I'll probably start that first thing in November.

Baby: Logan's started a new thing of crying and screaming when he's taking his bottle. No idea why. He's been burped with no problem, though he does spew every now and then. Sigh. Guess it's a call to the doctor.


Dawn T. said...

Ughh! Ripping out 1 over 1 is a pain. Good luck with it:)

Anonymous said...

Uh oh. What a shame. Good luck with the frogging :o(

mainely stitching said...

Lots of calls to the doctor are probably in store - it's just part & parcel of parenting. Good luck keeping a sense of humor about it all. :)

Margeeth said...

The crying could be caused by a hurting mouth when drinking. There is a kind of fungus that does that. You can check this yourself, just look into his mouth and when you see a white haze or even white spots it probably is the fungus.
I don't know whether you also breast feed, but if you do, and it is the fungus make sure the doctor gives you something for you also, otherwise you will just give him the fungus again and then he you and you him etc etc etc.

Good luck.