Saturday, October 27, 2007

Birth sampler framed

Matt picked this up from the framer's for me yesterday. His friend went with him and was surprised and dismayed that the LNS workers knew him on sight. lol.

I also finished the backstitching and vines in the outer border of Castle Sampler. I still can't sit for very long at a time, so I get in a few stitches here and there (I'm off work till January with the baby). I've run out of 610 from the kit and had to supplement from my stash. They really underestimated on this one. It didn't even finish the backstitching in the border, and I still have the letters and BS on the inner border to do in 610.

Baby stuff: Thanks for the kind words and support about quitting breastfeeding. I don't cry much now, so that's an improvement!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful birth sampler. The frame you chose is perfect for it.

It's such a pain when they underestimate to such a degree isn't it. Have you emailed them to let them know?

Dawn T. said...

The birth sampler is beautiful! Great progress on the Castle:)

Carol said...

Oh Michelle! The sampler is stunning!!!!!!! Wow! And congrats on finishing your border - what a wonderful thing that it is DMC in the kit - always so hard to match up kit fibers when they are not DMC. And so glad you are starting to feel better now :-)

Sharon said...

Great birth sampler and very prettily framed too. You ware making pretty nice progress on your wip. I am sorry to hear about the BF, it is more difficult than people can imagine.

mainely stitching said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better!!