Sunday, October 08, 2006

Second pic of Dragon Soul QS

I got a good bit done this weekend. The little draggie has a face, and more of the wings are done. (Click the pic for a better image.) I can't stitch on this one as much as I can on The Awakening. I think all the grey gets to me after a while. And my forearms are aching a bit.

Oh, of course I didn't make it to Ginger's for the stitch-in Friday. The thought of having to drive home in the dark in the city doesn't really motivate me. And I'm a lazy butt on Fridays.

1 comment:

Outi said...

Oh, it's looking gorgeous!

And now I'm itching to stitch this one even more (it has been on my immediate to-dos list since it was available).

Must....resist... temptation... can't... must... get... the.... floss. *grin*