Monday, October 02, 2006

Perfect Gifts HD

I finished up this ornament today. I used glue this time, which wasn't as easy as I thought. You have to hold it until the glue starts to dry, and it's hard to get it even. I think I like lacing better. I did use transparent thread, which I think worked well, when I stitched the two parts together and put on the cording. I wanted to do a floral bow, but I either need wire or wider ribbon. The cording is pretty thick, which is why I couldn't tuck it into the ornament or even tie a knot at the top. I'm pretty satisfied with the finishing but not excited about it for some reason. Fickle.

StitchinQween posted about a Just Nan exclusive called Horrified. Why do I look at these things? Of course I had to call Ginger's and ask them to put one on hold for me when it comes in. While I was on the phone, I also ordered Just Nan's Summer in the Square, which I was missing. What, I'm completing the set! ;-)

Then...I got an email from European Cross Stitch saying that they were dicontinuing the kit for Chatelaine's Summer Afternoon. Now I've already finished Winter's Eve, which is part of a set of four. I want to do the others. I could of course pass this by and then have to kit it up myself, which would cost more in the long run. So I broke down and ordered it ($70+ ow ow ow).

So I was bad and hate that I spent so much. But I NEEEEEED it. Bad, bad, bad.

The next thing on the agenda is TrickORTreat. I'm waiting on materials for a few others, so this was next (or I could have done the two silk gauze kits but wasn't in the mood).

There's some commotion over at the HAED BB. Yes, the company screws up your order a lot, but I don't know why people have to take it so personally and get nasty. I had some problems with them, but I'd rather not get so mad about it.

I've been reading stitching blogs, and I've seen the Crazy Cat Lady Exchange mentioned a few times. That sounds like me! I haven't yet tracked down what board it's from.

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