Thursday, October 05, 2006

Argh! Restart on Dragon Soul QS

Last night I kept looking at my work on Dragon Soul QS and thinking it didn't look like anything, certainly not like the original artwork. That's when I realized I had picked up 415 instead of 413 for the very first thread I did. I tried picking it out, but I just got so annoyed I started ripping. So I chucked it and started over. What a waste of a piece of Jobelan and at least three hours' worth of work. I was not having a good night, and not even Matt could snap me out of my mood.

I do want to concentrate on this piece, so TrickORTreat might get pushed to the side again. The best laid plans...

Gaming: I paid $10 and got the GvE expansion for City of Heroes/Villains. So now I have a jump pack, Pocket D transporter, and the sinister and heroic costume options (which look pretty nice). Thorn Goddess got a new look. :-) I was wondering what to do with her third costume. When Update 8 comes out, I HAVE to give wings to some character. I don't think it will be her, though. Might be time to remake my demon, Dame Dread, yet again.

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