Saturday, December 16, 2006

Vandals have struck again

Sometime between 8:00 and midnight, someone cut two of our Christmas light strings. So much for the street light being a deterent. We also think someone cut a light the night before. We're going to call the police again this morning and tell him to go talk to the neighbor we think is doing it. Enough is enough.

No one else is getting their lights cut. We've had a beef with those kids for playing basketball after 11:00, but that was months ago. I know the howeowners association is sending them regular notices about the basketball goal that they refuse to put away when they're done and the garbage cans they leave out all the time. They know Matt was on the board of directors; they probably don't know he quit, and he's the easiest target. If the parents flout the rules, I'm sure the children aren't going to be any better.

I am ordering the surveillance camera. This is stressing me out so much. My eye has been twitching again, which usually happens when I'm stressed. I sit and stitch and just stew. I feel my blood pressure rise when I think about these people who don't care who they hurt. I don't want them to ruin my Christmas, but as much as I try, I think they have.

I'm sorry for the rant. I hate that this negativity is taking me over, but all I can think about is catching them and making them pay compensation. If I get them on tape, I'm pressing charges, and I'm taking them to small claims court.


Anonymous said...

You get them! This is just insane! You get them and make them pay! It's hard enought to beleive anyone would do that once, but twice, and only to you! Are you sure it's the kids and not the parents?

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. I know what it's like to have bad neighbours and how stressful it is. {{{hugs}}}

Kim said...

That is ridiculous; you are perfectly justified in doing whatever you have to do to get this to stop. What a nightmare. (((hugs)))

Sara said...

Go get 'em!

So sorry you're having to deal with this extra stress during the holidays.

Barbara said...

A broken toe and vandalous neighbors would be enough to throw anyone off their holiday spirit. I hope you get yours back - as my dad always says, they've won if they've managed to upset you.

Your mantel decorations are WONDERFUL! At this point, I have only three homemade ornies of my own to show off, but I hope someday to have a wonderful array like yours!

Anonymous said...

It's so ridiculous that people find fun in hurting others. Good luck with your neighbors. Just think though how pretty the mantel looks!