Friday, December 22, 2006

New Year's exchange piece finished, part deux

I finished up my second piece for the New Year's exchange. I kept stressing about the first piece, whether it fit the theme enough, so I stitched a second piece. I made it into a cube-it, and I think it came out rather well, if I do say so myself. It's all packed up and ready to mail.

Cutting the styrofoam was a nightmare. I just couldn't get it straight. I tried a paring knife and an electric knife, but what worked (mostly) was a very sharp knife my mom gave Matt. Someone suggested a hot wire tool, so next time I'm at Hobby Lobby, I'll give it a look.

Yesterday Mom and I went to Ginger's. Oh boy. I brought my two HAED quick stitches in to be framed. I usually frame my own pieces, but I want the mat to butt up right against the stitching. I'll leave that to the professionals! They're small, so they came out to be $100 each, which isn't too bad.

I was very bad and bought other things, like the Proper Stitch. I haven't gotten to read it yet, so no idea if I'll like it. I heard lots of rave reviews.

The pic below is a graphic of the border for the Chatelaine rose quilt. I bought my fabric for it yesterday. Because of the size (26.5" x 26.5"), I had to buy a full yard of cream 32-count linen. Yes, that was $60. Ouch! The fibers and such are also going to be a butload of money. I bought whatever floss Ginger's had, but it wasn't much.

I also found some white opalescent fabric for an ornament I want to stitch eventually (a freebie from Jean Farish's website). I bought a few yards of quilting fabric, too, one for a finish and one just because it was so gorgeous. I guess it's a good thing I don't get into Austin often!


HasturTorres said...

Ooooooh...the Rose Quilt. The border is gorgeous. Cindy at European Xstitch will sell you the individual fibers if you can 't get them at Ginger's and she is quick about getting them shipped. Let us know how you like the Proper Stitch. I am thinking about ordering it for the A&M University Library (trying to lure in another generation of stitchers). Hope to see you next week. Merry Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

Every time I see that Rose border I love it more :) I'm waiting to see what the first few squares are like but I think it may have to be my exception next year (going on the Wagon - eek).

Anonymous said...

I'm planning to get The Proper Stitch once my LNS has it...please let us know what you think ..if you can...