Friday, December 08, 2006

Generosity HD

I just finished Generosity by Drawn Thread. There are two little buttons, a tree and a birdhouse (which are apparently fragile because I had to get the tree replaced). This was such a fun, quick stitch, and it's so cute. Hm, scan's a little crooked. It's so long it barely fits on my scanner. You'll have to click the link to see a proper picture of it.

I'm thinking of making it into a big wall hanging, kind of like a big Christmas ornament--front and back laced to matboard and stitched together, with a ribbon hanger. I haven't seen anyone do it that way, but it should be possible, right? DH is taking me to Wal-Mart tomorrow morning, so I can see if there's any fabric to match. I didn't manage to get there today.

Computer woes: Matt's having a time of it. His computer crashed, and he's trying to at least get it running for tomorrow's gaming session. I know this really gets to him.


bunnyhead said...

What a beautiful finish. I think the mat board should work, but I'm not so good at finishing.

Sharon said...

congrats on your lovely finish. will make a great wall hanging.

AnneS said...

Oh, I just LOVE this finish - what an awesome design :) I'm not a 'huge' SB fan, but I really adore this one - way to go! :D And I think it would gorgeous as a wall hanging :D