Thursday, November 29, 2007

Birthday club exchange finished

Yesterday I managed to finish off an item for the birthday club exchange. We're sending Christmas presents too this year, in addition to the birthday presents. I can't show pics yet, but I'm very happy to have it all done. I'll try to mail the package this week so it gets to Canada on time.

Logan: We're having more screaming fits (his, that is). I get such anxiety when he screams so much. Not only does it get me frustrated and angry at the time, later I feel so bad that he's unhappy. He's not a bright, cheery baby most of the time. We did interview someone to come to the house and watch Logan when I go back to work in January (I work at home as a techincal editor). She seems nice, and we'll probably offer her the job. She's all of 19 and has two kids of her own--so she has more experience than I do.

Diet: I've pretty much stuck to my diet, though I had a little extra for Thanksgiving. So far I've only lost like half a pound. I had lost two pounds, then gained four, then lost three and a half. Argh. I do need to start exercising, but I have to do that when Matt's home to watch Logan, and when Matt gets home, it's a scramble to get supper done. I guess I just need to make time. I'll walk the treadmill since it's a bit cold right now. Oh, did I mention I'm bitter that I won't be able to take advantage of the weight loss everyone said I'd have when breastfeeding?


Katrina said...

I just mailed my birthday blogger gift too :-). I am always happy when an exchange is out of my hands and in the mail, LOL.

I hope that things get a bit easier with Logan soon. Don't get discouraged. It's not a reflection of your parenting ability, some baby's just cry more than others. Is it colic? Lots of good thoughts and prayers.

mainely stitching said...

I did not lose weight from breast feeding either! I was (and am) so jealous of the friends whose weight just melted right off them, seemingly from BF'ing alone. Me, I looked like some Botticelli babe. A hefty one. And because BF'ing keeps you rather house-bound, I found it very difficult to lose weight till after the kids were weaned. But guess what? I'm going to do it all again the same way. LOL!

For Logan's screaming fits (Rowen was also a screamer), have you thought about taking him to a physical therapist for babies? He may benefit a lot from massage. I wish I'd known about stuff like that when Ro was a baby. Good luck, anyway!!

Maree said...

I hope things settle down for you soon. If it makes you feel any better, I'm still wearing maternity pants _ and Patrick is six months old!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a crock pot? I've just had a baby and my first has got a stomach bug. I just hauled out the crock pot to make dinner for me, while I tend to everyone/everything else. Or when you coook, could you make double batches for later in the week?

Sharon said...

Your castle sampler is coming along! Try not to worry so much about the diet-it hasn't been that long since you had the baby-it will come off!