Thursday, November 08, 2007

Castle Sampler update

I finished the outer border of Castle Sampler. I took a larger picture so you could see some of the detail. There is some over-one. Be sure to click on the pic.

I'm not sure where I'll go next. The chart is hand drawn and hard to read, so the people at the bottom of the piece will be tough (like Angel Procession--ugh!).

Oh, and I ran out of 316. Apparently they didn't figure in all the many stops and starts in a TW piece.

I was working on some obligation stitching, but I ran out of silk. I needed only one length to finish, so I had to order some more. So the stitching on the first piece should be a quick finish. I then need to do the finishing and stitch a smaller piece. I'd like to get the package in the mail December 1. I'd better get to it! That's pretty close, can you believe it?

Baby: Logan will be six weeks Tuesday. He still hasn't given me a smile yet, darn it. Matt's relatives came over Sunday to see Logan, and he got passed around. Fortunately he was being an angel. I also need to find a nanny for when I go back to work. I work at home, so she can come here and take care of Logan and do a little housework. It'll be expensive, but at least he'll be close. I just hope I can find someone! I put an ad on Craig's List.


mainely stitching said...

Good luck finding the perfect nanny for Logan. I did that when I was in college and I just loved it. I still miss the kids, these many years later!

Anonymous said...

TW pieces look complicated anyway without the charts being hand drawn! You must have some patience.

I trained as a nanny when I left school. Hope you find the perfect nanny for Logan.

Laura said...

Your Castle sampler border is beautiful. I can't imagine stitching TW with a hard-to-read hand-drawn pattern. I wish you excellent eyesight :-).

Dawn T. said...

The border looks wonderful!

Jinger said...

Your border is gorgeous! So detailed!

Logan is precious. Love the picture with the Halloween socks! :-)

Mindi said...

Wow! The borderis gorgeous, and I can just imagine how the rest of the piece will look.