Friday, November 16, 2007

Castle Sampler update

I finished the inner vine border. I'll move on to the people at the bottom next.

My HAED round robin also came home to me. I still have one of the angels to stitch. I don't know eactly what I'll make of this yet. Big pic.

Baby: I was despairing of Logan smiling, but he finally did, for Matt of course. I got his first tear as he impatiently awaited his meal. Also, he's losing the baby hair on the sides of his head. This is supposed to be normal, but it looks rather odd. It looks like he's enlisted!

I bruise: I can still see the shadow of the bruise from the bad IV stick. Someday it will go away. I had one bruise for over a year when I hit my shin with the corner of the truck door.

New mattress: We bought a new mattress since Matt's back has been hurting. I thought we'd bought a good mattress four years ago, but apparently we didn't as evidenced by the big ruts our bodies left in it. This time we bought a Tempurpedic--big bucks. But Matt's back is getting better. I don't toss and turn like I used to--Anubis actually sleeps up against me now. We'll see if it helps my back and hips.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, your round robin is GORGEOUS! I can't stop looking at it. Amazing. You must be so proud of it. Which angel is left to stitch?

Don't dispair about Logan. They do things in their own time. Riley did some things well ahead of time and amazed us all, but other things like starting to talk he's still not doing at 15 months. We just have burbling and grunts yet we 'know' he can say the words. He just wont. It will happen though ... at some point.

We need to get a new mattress too. They are so expensive though aren't they.

mainely stitching said...

There's nothing like a good mattress - though they are indeed BIG bucks! I hope you'll both get years of good use from the new one.

My kids also always smiled much easier for their Daddy than for me. ;)

Abi said...

Don't worry about Logan. Ayame was born with lots of hair and almost all of it fell out when she was 3 months old. The good news is hair grows back :)

jymisgurl said...

Your CS and RR are both gorgeous! Amazing!

Michele said...

Your Castle Sampler is looking great!
Your RR piece is gorgeous!

...and what everyone has said about babies losing their hair is true. Don't worry, it will definitely grow back!

Deanne J said...

Your Castle looks great!!

I swear Aaron only smiles and coos for his father too, but he loves to cry when I'm around. He's lost all his haair too and it's slowly starting to grow back.

Dawn T. said...

Your Castle looks wonderful!
Your RR is stunning, too!

Michelle said...

Your RR is GORGEOUS!! If you can't think what to do with it, just send it to me! LOL!! Love it!