Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Awakening Page 39

I finally finished the next page. It took a while because I was working on other pieces here and there. Just two full pages and five partial pages left!

I did the finishing of my second Halloween exchange piece, and now I'll work on the finishing for the third piece. We received our names, and I'm very excited. :-) I'll just have to control my spending because I could go nuts.

Speaking of nuts, I signed up for the Harvest exchange too. The due date on that one is in November, so if I start on it now, I'm sure I can make it. What else do I have to do with my time til the baby arrives?

Baby: I had my baby shower yesterday. Not as many people came as I had hoped, but we had a good time. I got tons of stuff! Baby stuff is just so darn cute. Matt and I didn't manage to finish the wallpaper border in the baby's room, but as soon as we do, I'll take some pics.


Nicki said...

She looks amazing. You're so nearly there. Wow.

I've been staring at her for months now and only just realised you can see the reflections of the pillars in the water. How fantastic!

Carol said...

Oh, I've got a funny feeling you will get this time before the baby - gorgeous! Congrats on the baby shower!! {{{Hugs}}}

Sharon said...

She is just stunning! Glad your baby shower went well. I look forward to seeing your nursery.

Anonymous said...

Wow-you are getting so close! Go-go-go!!!