Thursday, August 09, 2007

Off work!

I went to the doctor today. The bad news is that the insulin pills aren't doing it and I need to start with insulin shots three times a day for my gestational diabetes. Shots send me panicking because my dad had to take shots, but at least it's only until the baby is born, eight more weeks.

The good news is that the doctor is filling out paperwork so that I won't have to work until after the baby is born. I've just been feeling so bad that work is impossible. I also plan to take three months off after the baby is born, family leave, which means losing a chunk of money. Oh well, it will be worth it.

So I guess I get a bit more stitching time. I did finish the stitching on the second and third pieces I'm doing for the SBEBB Halloween exchange and just need to do the finishing. My mom sent me some Halloween fabric and ribbon, which I just love. I've been enjoying working on these.


Sharon said...

So sorry that you are going to have to take those shots. It will be great for you to be off work-because you can use that rest and hopefully be really refreshed by the time the baby gets here.

monique said...

Oh no :( So sorry to hear you'll have to do the shots! At least it isn't for long... rest up :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

A healthy baby is all that matters right???

This does mean stitching time!

Carol said...

Oh boy - well, it is what you have to do! Yep, it will be worth it :-)