Thursday, November 02, 2006

November goals

A lot of people have been setting goals, so maybe I should too. Here's my list for November:

HAED The Awakening--2 pages
Maggie the Messmaker--work on this UFO a bit
TrickORTreat--finish making it into a box, correct problems if I can
Gray Cat--stitch it
1 ornament to finish
Exchanges--ornament, HAED RR, and Just Nan RR
No new starts!

This seems doable. I've gotten a lot of smalls out of the way, but there are a few there still nagging me. But I think the bigger pieces are more important, and I need to keep a few smalls to work on when the BAPs are getting to be too much.

I've started working on The Awakening again, but I haven't been stitching as rabidly as usual this week.

The pic is of my African violets. A few others are blooming, but this one looked the best. Two of my orchids have just started opening (and all need repotting--ugh!).


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your goals, Michelle :) I look forward to seeing your next lot of progress on The Awakening too!

Michelle said...

Can't wait to see some more progress on Awakening. And good luck with Trick ORTreat. I have that one in my stash and haven't gotten around to it yet.

Sara said...

Definitely looking forward to seeing more progress on The Awakening. I've been browsing the HAED site and it's a really good thing I'm on The Wagon else I'd have several new starts by now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, I can't believe it took me this long to twig you had a blogspot blog now!!

Like everyone else I look forward to more progress on the Awakening - what you have achieved so far is just gorgeous!!