Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Year's Exchange

I've done it now...I volunteered for an exchange on the Rotation Stitcher's board. I think I know what I want to stitch and how I want to finish it. I've even figured out how to spend a minimal amount of money. Matt happened to look at the credit card bill. Apparently I've been ordering lots of little things that added up to $300 or so. Ouch! I'll try to be good, really I will.... It's just so hard because I really am using all the things I order.

Speaking of...I'm waiting for some fuzzy stuff for the Christmas exchange. I also ordered a few patterns to make the package worthwhile, whatever Drawn Thread patterns Ginger's has off my wishlist. Ooo, a surprise! (Check out their website; they have some cool freebies for scissor fobs.)

I also received Snowflake QS from Fudgey for being the first person to finish Dragon Soul QS. She's such a sweetie.

Funeral: Last night was the memorial service for Matt's mom. It was held in a small Lutheran church (in a strip mall!). I never realized that Protestants didn't do the sign of the cross, but when the pastor made the sign, I automatically crossed myself. I was the only one! Can you spot the Catholic?

I got to meet Matt's cousins and such. They seem like a nice bunch. They invited us to their weekly Sunday lunches, and I think Matt's going to take them up on it, wonder of wonders. I do miss my family back in Louisiana, so this could be good. He mentioned that his family always helps out, such as painting, etc. That's what my family does, so that gives me warm fuzzies.

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~mj~ said...

sometimes the family of your spouse makes a very good substitute for your own...sympathies on your loss...