Sunday, November 19, 2006

Maggie the Messmaker update

As promised, here's a scan of my progress on Maggie the Messmaker. I already had the sewing machine and most of the tomato done. I filled in some kitty belly and started working my way down. I know I didn't spend much time stitching this week, but this piece is just crawling. I can see why it's in the UFO pile.

So now I'll switch back to working on The Awakening for another week. I'm a little tired of that one too. I'm sure I'll get excited about it again; I usually go in cycles.

I think I've decided on what to send for the Christmas ornament exchange. I'll send it out as soon as my exchange partner is ready.

I worked a little on the finishing of my New Years exchange piece. It's a little more...challenging than I expected. Pics eventually.

Someone sniped me on the eBay auction of Just Nan Christmas charts. Oh well, I had set my upper limit on them and wouldn't have gone higher. It's just annoying getting sniped. Now I can just stitch from what I have on hand and not wait for new charts to come in. I may work on the round robin tomorrow.

I'm supposed to be getting my HAED RR piece in the mail Tuesday. Yay!


Sara said...

Nice progress on Maggie!

The snipers usually irritate me too. One did me a favor not too long ago though- I got sniped on an auction for TW's Enchanter and was pretty upset until I found out a few days later that it would be in the next Best of book.

Anonymous said...

Snipers are not my favourite either but I too set an upper limit. I am glad you are getting your HAED RR piece I have been working on yours!

Anonymous said...

Good on you for picking up Maggie again!
Looking good!

Sharon said...

Maggie will be a very neat piece when completed. Looks great now.