Monday, January 05, 2009

Birthday present from Carol

I've been tardy in posting a picture of the beautiful scissor fob Carol sent me on my birthday--Christmas Alphabet "M" Fob by Prairie Schooler. And it came in the mail that day, New Year's eve! It was the only present I actually received that day. I had bought some floss as my birthday present from Matt earlier, and my mom had bought me a steam cleaner earlier in the year, which I was all perfectly content with. But getting an actual present on your birthday--it's rather nice.

I've been stitching away on my days off (which came to an end today), and I did manage to get several chores scratched off my list. I really like that feeling of accomplishment, though Matt thinks I'm crazy for my tendency to do chores on my days off. I never seem to get to things otherwise.

I'll have a progress pic of Autumn Faerie soon, and I did finally start Skeleton Crew. I like the color of fabric I picked up at Ginger's. I think it's Wichelt Thyme (marbled). The threads are rather far apart and stiff, which is why I'm not a big fan of Wichelt. Zwiegart is much nicer to me, and I need to try some Jazlynn Cheryl suggested to me. It's a nice tight weave.

Sad to say, Becky won't be doing the Monthly Finishing Challenge this year. It was good motivation for me to actually try out some new finishing methods and actually get them done. I'm still doing exchanges, so that will give me a venue to try out some techniques. Oh, and I didn't win the drawing for the gift certificate. There were only five or six of us that finished all of the challenges, so that's an accomplishment in itself. And let me say I totally understand Becky's need to spend more time with her family. I just don't understand the people who send her nasty emails.

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Jenny said...

What a cute fob! :)