Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter Faerie Week 1

Here's an update on Winter Faerie. Just some border done, nothing too exciting.

My little cold turned into bronchitis, so I haven't gotten much stitching done. I went to the doctor and then missed more work recovering. We had to take Logan to the hospital because he had a 104-degree fever; they gave him antibiotics, which have given him diarrhea and a rash. Poor little guy. He's feeling better, but he's still on the antibiotics. I'm back at work and feeling much better, though not 100 percent.

This weekend was also the double-experience event on City of Heroes, so we wound up playing that most of the time while Mom babysat. I would have preferred being in bed to playing, but I know Matt wanted to play. He's been taking care of us, and he needed some fun.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the health issues! I hope you will all be better soon. Winter Faerie's looking great!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your cold. Tis the season, unfortunately. Hopefully you all will get over it quickly.

I always thought the most exciting part of doing the borders was getting the borders done so you could go on to the main part of the picture! lol

HasturTorres said...

Your fairy border is looking good.
I hope you and the little munchkin feel better soon.

Jo said...

I hope you are all feeling much better soon. Winter faerie is coming along brilliantly, I don't know where you find the time!!

Your Valentines exchange is awesome - what spectacular finishing!

Unknown said...


I have a stitching blog too and I use the same background! It's also sort of an eclectic blog like yours, and I also like fantasy and sci fi! My blog is an it is called "Candice's Stitching Blog and Everything Else!" I would love it if you linked to my blog and I will link to yours!