Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Valentine's Exchange received

Just look at this gorgeous exchange Margaret sent me! I was flabbergasted. Matt and my mom were amazed too. This heart opens up, as you can see. The stitching is just beautiful, and the construction is so neat. It love it. Margaret says the chart is by Ilse Altherr. Matt and I munched on the strawberry/white chocolate wafers as soon as I opened the package.

I need to get my Valentine's Exchange package mailed. After I recovered from the stomach virus, Logan got it. Poor little kid. We kept him out of daycare for two days. Then this week, naturally, Logan, Mom, and I came down with colds/sinus infections (Matt had his two weeks ago). I was so happy that I hadn't gotten sick in such a long time. I usually catch everything. I guess the bugs all waited to gang up on me. I usually take a long time to recover, so I'm just going to have to wait this one out. My sick leave is down to almost nothing -- again -- so I'm working. It could be worse.

Back to school: Matt started school yesterday. I know he was a little nervous about going back to college. He said walking through the buildings was surreal. He's sitting in the same classrooms he sat in over 10 years ago. I know he can do it, and at least this time he won't have to worry about working while he's in college. (He'll just have to worry about the debt when he gets out of college.)


Anonymous said...

That heart is really gorgeous, kudos to Margaret! I hope you'll be better soon.

Katrina said...

What a gorgeous piece! It's wonderful.

Best wishes to your DH, it really is great that he's going back to school. My DH has been throwing around going back for his PhD, my only comment is "have fun with that", LOL.

Sharon said...

How gorgeous!

Andrea said...

A wonderful needlebook.